Whoopi Goldberg’s Medical Marijuana Brand for Menstrual Cramps

Whoopi Goldberg marijuana products for women menstual cramps


Whoopi Goldberg, the US actress, is launching a new line of medical marijuana products on the market. This brand of marijuana items is targeting those women who suffer from menstrual cramps. There are four products that have been created specifically for this new brand launch.


Goldberg is teaming up with Maya Elisabeth to create a new, as well as, awesome brand. This brand is no other than Whoopi & Maya. The Whoopi & Maya brand will become available in California, later on this month. Maya Elisabeth already has an established and strong reputation for producing high quality medical cannabis goods. This information comes straight from the duo’s website.


What the initial four-product range will look like is this. It will consist of Soak, Savor, Rub, and Relax. They will contain natural cannabis that is grown in the sun. Other ingredients will be grown alongside the cannabis too, according to the advertisement for the products, which will detail everything more in description.


The product titled Soak will be used exclusively for use in the bath. It does have Epsom salts in it. Savor will have cacao and a form of raw unprocessed super food that becomes chocolate. There are some people that might like to enjoy it straight out of the jar, or on toast or fruit, or maybe made into a drink. This drink can be made with water, milk, or other milk alternatives. Whoopi & Maya do suggest the following.


Rub is a product that is to be applied straight on to the skin itself. Relax is more of a tincture, which can either be taken orally, or as part of a drink or sublingually placed beneath the tongue to be absorbed.


“These fine products were all inspired by Whoopi Goldberg’s own personal experiences in life. “These products were born from my own painful experiences with difficult periods. Cannabis was the only thing that truly gave me relief from pain,” explained Goldberg about the line of medical marijuana items. Whoopi is the chairwoman for Whoopi & Maya. Medical marijuana to be used for menstrual cramps treatment is indeed an awesome idea.


Whoopi & Maya did also decide to share a post on Instagram. This post contained the following words straight from these amazing two women. They are as follows. “We think it is a real pleasure to be able to share with everyone. What we have been working on for the last year and a half. When the universe did bring me and Whoopi together it was fated. We both felt lucky to know each other and to share an awesome destiny. We were able to create a special magic that has gone beyond both of us. It is exceptional.”


“We found that by combining medical cannabis with other great healing herbs and super foods. We have indeed created enjoy and effective healthy alternatives for women in California to use when they are having their time of the month.”


Goldberg did comment to Vanity Fair. “For me, I feel this way, if you don’t want to get higher than a kite. Our product is specifically designed to get rid of discomfort and that is it. It is fine to smoke a joint, but to be honest, most people cannot smoke a joint and then go to work.”


“This product is something that you can put into your purse,” Goldberg elaborated further. “The rub can be applied to one’s lower stomach region and lower back at work. You can then go home and take a soak in the tub or prepare some tea. It will permit you to continue to be at work through the entire day.”



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