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// Washington Medical Marijuana Information Washington lawmakers passed Initiative Measure No. 692 on November 3, 1998, these marijuana laws allows medical marijuana to used for medical conditions.  Initiative Measure No. 692 allows  medical cannabis patients and their primary caregivers to utilize, possess and cultivate medical cannabis once the have a medical

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Medical Marijuana Facts by a Licensed Medical Doctor!

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Explore Some Facts About Medical Marijuana Medical marijuana as medicine has been used for a very long time. Check out some interesting facts about medical marijuana? "Marijuana" is a Mexican name that was previously used to describe low-quality tobacco. The plant was grown in China for medicinal purposes, as well as for recreation more than 4,700 years

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// Local Medical Marijuana Cards Doctors in Washington State On the 3rd of November 1998, those in charge at the time of Washington passed the Initiative Measure N. 692. This massively changed the way that cannabis was looked upon, treated and prosecuted within the state. Now legal to be used in conjunction with medical needs so long as you held one of the state

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