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Medical Marijuana Doctor Marketing Los Angeles: A Guide to Using
The first thing a doctor’s office practice marketing in Los Angeles should be aware of are the review sites. That’s because the reviews a business gets on these sites often defines how new customers perceive you and your office.
It’s actually quite simple… if you leverage your online reviews correctly, they can be the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. I have known practices in Los Angeles that have used our marketing platform with great success.

Having a single rave review on is often better than having hundreds of positive comments on your own website. That’s because our review site is an objective, third party site that your customers are more likely to trust.
In today’s competitive medical marijuana business world where new online businesses can literally pop up at the drop of a hat, you need to be utilizing all the well-known social platforms available to promote your business, and why not use an online and offline marketing tool designed specifically for medical cannabis doctors. Plus, there’s really no excuse for not using this explosive marketing system, since it’s totally free for Bronze listings for a limited time.

Next, we’re going to go through the sign up process and discuss how to properly use this great social media tool to promote your business.
1) First, claim or add your doctor’s clinic. The registration link can be found at the bottom of this article.

2) Build up your Los Angeles medical marijuana doctors clinic with reviews, but make sure you don’t target your competitors for negative reviews! If you get caught doing this, you’ll be banned from our website. And yes, we have increasingly sophisticated ways of catching you, so stop trying to be clever, and play by the rules.
Also, don’t pump up your own business with fake reviews. This is called ASTROTURFING and we’ll catch you doing this as well, trust me.

3) Add Your Services and Deals /Check-ins: Once you have claimed your shop on our main website, start by adding your own description, your services, prices, add an offer to entice returning customers and new patients, add a deal to system. Start your marketing efforts by inviting your friends, family, coworkers, and customers to review you. Please see how to get more reviews for your clinicy here.
You could even include them in a check in offer that gives everyone $15 off or a percentage discount on their next purchase if they review your business. This is a great promo method because it allows for everyone to win. That way they will be more likely to come in and possibly even bring a friend.

4) Doctor-to-Patient Marketing in Los Angeles means more than just compiling reviews. It means creating a strong, engaging local profile. So, make sure to include pictures and text in your profile, and stay active in the marketing Los Angeles community.

5) Engage your patients and let them know about your listing profile. Give your followers and prospective new customers a discount, add the link and website badge on your site. Also, don’t be afraid to let folks know you would appreciate a review.
Now you know some of the best secrets for utilizing our marketing platform to promote your business. Put some of these ideas to the test, and you’re likely to soon dominate marketing in Los Angeles and beyond.
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