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Historically, women have turned to heating pads, baths, dark chocolate and even Vicodin to ease period pains. Now, women can add Cannabis tampons to the growing list of remedies to ease the pain in a more natural manner.

Cannabis tampons are the latest craze in the world of medicine as they are proving to be a natural and effective method of treating menstrual cramps and menstrual pains. Known as Foria Relief, the tampons are not physically made from the cannabis plant but are small capsules that are inserted directly into the vagina. Once implanted, the cannabis tampons provide excellent pain relief for when a woman is on her period.

According to a Cannabis enthusiast and writer, Foria Relief is the only suppository on the market that solely focuses on treating menstrual cramps and pain. Surprisingly, the new tablet only consists of three natural ingredients which include, 60mg of THC oil, organic cocoa butter and 10mg of CBD Isolate. The combination of THC and CBD was designed to activate cannabinoid receptors around the pelvic area once it is introduced into the body. Essentially, this produces a pain-mitigating feeling that can help you relax.

This is the newest launch from Foria, a well-established Cannabis company whose biggest seller is marijuana –infused, personal lubricant that stimulates sensitive areas. This product is known as Foria Pleasure and was created specifically for female Cannabis enthusiasts.

According to the Foria website, historically, Cannabis has been utilized by many cultures as a natural aide to ease menstrual cramps and menstrual pains. The focus of the tablets are to utilizing the medicinal properties of the Cannabis plant in coordination with modern extraction techniques to create a high level of purity and potency which ensures accessibility and safety for all women who use the product.

The Science behind Cannabis Tampons

Due to existing federal and state regulations, Cannabis Tampons can only be purchased in California and Colorado. As the company’s most recent innovation, Foria Relief has already been met with excitement by women in these states. For those with bad PMS and the estimated 5 million women with incurable endometriosis, this treatment capsule could be a life-changing option. If this product proves to be successful in relieving menstrual cramps and menstrual pain, it could even have other uses, such as naturally decreasing the pain level during child birth.

For those who have concerns about using suppositories, Foria guarantees the Cannabis used in the product does is grown organically, without pesticides. Also, this product has undergone extensive testing to further guarantee that no harmful contaminants or microbial parasites have made their way into the product.

If you are suffering from debilitating menstrual cramps and pains, this is an all-natural product that can help relieve discomfort. Many customer testimonies and reviews have revealed that this is an exceptional product that can help mitigate pain and related symptoms during PMS flare-ups.

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