The Benefits of the Cannabis Industry in Oregon


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Oregon’s economy is benefiting immensely from an unlikely source. Based on a news report, cannabis is proving to play a major role in helping revitalize the state’s economy. The consulting companies, New Economy Consulting and Whitney Economics have released their findings into the positive economic role that the plant species has on Oregon. The “Oregon Cannabis Jobs Report” is based on reliable information that was primarily based upon survey methods. The report outlines in detail how the state’s cannabis industry has created new jobs as well as new found wealth for the citizens in Oregon.


Beyond the financial wealth being earned by citizens, the benefits that the harvesting of cannabis is having on Oregon is producing further economic spin-offs. As citizens witness the financial benefits and growth of disposable income from the cannabis market, their new found wealth enables them to purchase new goods and services from other economic sectors in the state. Over two thousand new and well-paying jobs were generated as a result of the cannabis industry. This statistic is positive news in an era of economic down turn. Furthermore, a total of forty six million dollars ($46,000,000) in earned wages has been generated by workers in the cannabis industry. Moreover, reports have indicated that this particular industry will result in almost two hundred million dollars ($196,000,000) in income by the year 2017.


Locations that sell marijuana for medicinal as well as recreational purposes outperform those dispensaries that cater to just clients with medical needs. With its continued growth in the coming years, the cannabis industry will undoubtedly confront typical issues such as worker benefits. To compound the problem is the fact that workers in this sector are paid in cash. Only a little over twenty percent of workers receive benefits with the majority being dispensary managers. As the industry grows, however, it is expected that more jobs will be created as a result of the online presence of cannabis products for sale.

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