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Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Laws

Marijuana is one of those substances that was previously considered harmful for human consumption. However, the beauty of marijuana is that it can have some amazing health benefits for an individual provided its consumption is monitored and medically prescribed. There are number states in America that have recognized the benefits of marijuana usage for medical purposes, Rhode Island being one of them. The state’s medical marijuana act permits the residents of Rhode Island to use and grow marijuana in case they are certified to be suffering from a qualifying medical condition and have been certified to use medical marijuana by qualified Rhode Island medical marijuana doctors.

Qualifying Debilitating Medical conditions

A number of medical research conducted across the globe have substantiated the fact that marijuana helps in curing various medical conditions, namely nausea, pain, HIV and cancer etc. Keeping the amazing benefits of this substance in mind, the Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Law permits the use of marijuana for patients suffering from few notable ailments such as Nausea, Cancer, Glaucoma, Chronic pain, HIV, Seizures, Alzheimer and any other condition as deemed fit by the physician.

Each patient qualified to use medical marijuana is permitted to possess not more than 2.5 ounces of marijuana at a time. There exists a limit on home cultivation of marijuana plants as well i.e. every qualified patient and registered caregiver can grow maximum of 12 marijuana plants and that too in indoor conditions.  There is all likelihood that a qualified patient finds it hard or costly to procure medical marijuana from state approved dispensaries, this is the reason why the law of Rhode Island permits him to appoint a caregiver who can grow or procure marijuana on his behalf.

Rhode Island Medical Marijuana doctors and cards

The basic condition for prescribing medical marijuana to any patient is that the benefits of marijuana must outweigh the drawbacks of using the same. A patient suffering from a qualifying medical condition must consult a qualified physician and after he has obtained marijuana prescriptions from the physician, he can proceed to register himself as medical marijuana patient with Rhode Island health department. After the application is approved, the patient is issued Rhode Island medical marijuana cards with the help of which, one can obtain marijuana, cultivate the same or procure it from a caregiver or through state licensed marijuana dispensaries.

Find Rhode Island Marijuana clinics and doctors

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