Pruning Cannabis Plants 101 To Harvest Maximum Yield

Pruning Cannabis Plants 101 To Harvest Maximum Yield


To improve the quality and yield of your cannabis plant, you should prune it when it is time. Note that a healthy garden should have adequate light exposure and enough nutrients that will see the plant growing at an alarming rate. Below is a comprehensive guide on the right process of pruning cannabis plant.


When is the Ideal Time to Prune?

Ideally, you should start pruning as soon as the plant starts to take a full bushy shape. It helps to train your plant at an early stage since it promotes full growth. From this point, all you have to do is wait for the plant to flower so that you can start actively pruning Note that you should not do it more than 2-3 weeks into flowering. When you prune past this date, it can trigger vegetative growth again, something that can harm your yield.


How to Prune the Cannabis Plant

To efficiently prune the plants, you will need a pair of scissors, and a small pair of Fiskars and Chikamasas for the small leaves and branches, Clippers and scissors prevent infection and damage by creating smooth and clean cuts.


  • Start by eliminating the larger branches first. It will make more space for you to get into more detailed work.
  • Locate the branches growing into the middle of the plant beneath the canopy and get rid of them.


  • Proceed to the bud sites where sunlight does not penetrate. These can be found on the lower halves of canopy branches and the bottom of the plant.


Good Pruning Practices

Pruning helps to eliminate the plants that do not get enough sunshine so that the rest of the plant can flourish.

  • To avoid plant shock, try and work in intervals instead of doing it continually. After pruning correctly, you will experience a huge burst of growth.


  • Never use serrated or dull blades when cutting off branches. You should also not rip them off with your hands. A clean snip with sharp scissors will do the trick as this also prevents plant shock.


  • Do not forget to get rid of any dying or dead leaves as this helps the upper leaves to benefit from the missing lower leaves after pruning cannabis plants.


  • Remember that pruning is an intimate practice between the plant and the gardener that should be done carefully. As you prepare to prune, you will be assisting the plant to reach its full potential. Although at first, it may feel like you are taking away part of the plants, remember that you will be directing the plant’s energy to its most valuable sections much to the delight of the farmer as you can anticipate bumper harvest.


Once your plants grow to their full potential, note that you must have California medical marijuana cards if you want to light up legally. You can easily get the medical card online after completing an evaluation where a doctor recommends that you need marijuana to treat your ailment or disease.


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