Parents Prefer Cannabis Oil To Treat Kids Seizures



Medical Marijuana Treating Seizures in Kids

Columbus, GA- Medical Marijuana Issue- A bill allowing individuals afflicted with seizures medical conditions that are deemed to be debilitating to utilize cannabis oil was recently signed by the Governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley. Known as Leni’s Law, the bill is intended to expand upon a bill called Carly’s Law, which was passed in 2014, authorizing a UAB study into cannabis oil use for the treatment of severe seizure disorder patients. In view of the passing of the most recent bill, some people are wondering what it could mean for those living on the other side of the Alabama state line.

When some Georgia parents of children with autism spoke to a local news channel, they related their happiness with the new Alabama bill. One parent expressed a feeling of hope about the allowing of unorthodox medicine use by some states . He also said that parents of special needs kids suffering with chronic illnesses are constantly attempting to do whatever they can for them. In addition, he also stated that the passing of the Alabama bill was progress, especially when you consider that Alabama is just a few minutes away and over a bridge. He was hoping that the state of Georgia might do the same, otherwise parents would be crossing that bridge

The fact is that an advocacy group called Hope United has been trying for several years to do just that. Its co-founder has seen first-hand results that are quite positive, including a four-year girl who was finally able to attend school thanks to cannabis oil, others with chronic and potentially juvenile conditions like rheumatoid arthritis marijuana can also be helped and treated.

When a local pediatrician was interviewed by the local news, he stated that using cannabis oil for the treatment of kids with special needs could be likened to the time when the medical community recognized hypertension as causing strokes and heart attacks. He also added his opinion that, just as thousands of ideas were registered with the FDA for the treatment of hypertension, but none received approval; the use of medical marijuana could not possibly gain credibility via clinical trials.  Additionally, recently the US Veterans were cleared to get cannabis cards.

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