Panel Calls For More Research Into Medical Marijuana



More research is needed into how marijuana works as a treatment for various conditions and diseases, according to advocates of medical marijuana. The panel, called Breaking Barriers to Medical Marijuana Research, was speaking at UNLV’s Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies. The event was attended by over 200 people.

Experts at the event told the crowd how hundreds of thousands of Americans use marijuana for medical purposes everyday, but a lot of time they are just guessing which strain is going to work best for them. This type of guesswork means that they will not always get the most effective treatment. Even in states where medical marijuana is legally available, lack of research means that even doctors are unsure about what they should be prescribing. This also has a financial impact on patients, as they are spending money on strains that may not actually do anything to help them.

The regulations that have been put in place by the US Food and Drug Administration make it very difficult for marijuana to be researched. It differs from other drugs such as LSD and Ecstasy because any research needs further approval by the US Public Health Service and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This approval can take anywhere from six to ten years to be granted, which then makes many aspects of the studies that have been carried out obsolete. Any marijuana that is used in any kind of study must come from a lab at the University of Mississippi, and this does not always represent the type of marijuana that you would find in other parts of the country. Experts have called on the US Government to end some of these restrictions so that proper research can be carried out into just how effective medical marijuana can be in treating certain conditions.

The panel also considered whether medical marijuana should be authorized for use by sporting bodies such as the NFL to help players deal with injuries that cause pain and even brain trauma. The panel heard from Eugene Monroe, who suffered from a total of four concussions during his eight year NFL career. He was prescribed a number of different pain relief remedies in this time, including pills and injections. Marijuana is less addictive than all of these other methods of long term chronic pain management. Football players are prescribed painkillers far more than the average person, and this can lead to addiction problems that continue long after the person has finished playing football. He believes that medical marijuana is a credible alternative to pills and would have far less side effects than the methods that are currently in place.

Finally, members of the Nevada Senate expressed their support for more research into the medical benefits of marijuana to be carried out in the state. They believe that Nevada could lead the way in this research, which would benefit those all over the country that could receive some real relief from the pain that they experience on a daily basis.


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