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As you are aware, medical marijuana is legal in the state of California. It is among the few cities in the world that has embraced the use of medical marijuana to treat various conditions such as chronic pain. However, for you to use medical marijuana while in California, it is important that you first visit a doctor who will recommend the drugs for you. After that, you are clear to apply for medical marijuana card for legal purposes. While you can visit your doctor in person and obtain these cards, the process may be tiresome and time consuming. The authorities in California have therefore introduced the new online medical cards that aims at making medical marijuana users to access the cards quicker and efficiently.

How does medical cards renewals online work in California?

California medical marijuana cards online as the name suggest is a system where medical marijuana users residing in California can access and renew their medical cards online without the need to see the doctor in person. You can get a recommendation from the various online doctors available. However, the doctor will first examine you through an online video chat and attend to any questions that you may have. If the doctor is satisfied that you condition needs the use medical marijuana, he will go ahead and give you the recommendation.

In addition to that, it is also possible to renew your medical marijuana card online in less than ten minutes. This will enable you to stay on the legal side of the law.

california 420 DOCTORS NEAR ME, california 420 EVALUATIONS NEAR ME CALIFORNIA ONLINE MEDICAL CARDS (10)What are the advantages of medical cards renewals online?

As compared to in-person renewal, California medical marijuana cards online is more advantageous. Some of its benefits include:

The 420 doctor fully attends to your needs

One problem with in-person medical marijuana card renewal is that most of the time the doctor has to attend to many other people waiting to receive his services. In that case, the doctor will be in a hurry to finish up with you so that he can attend to other patients. In the end, you might leave the hospital with more questions than you came in with. With online renewal however, after you have paid the required fees, you get a connection to a professional doctor where you can have a live video chat. This way, he will attend to all your questions in no hurry to attend to other patients.

l Online medical card renewal is not time consuming

During an in-person medical marijuana renewal, you may have to wait for longer hours before the 420 doctor attends to you. This is in contrast to renewing the medical cards online. The process takes less than twenty minutes and you will be having a pdf copy of your card ready for printing and instant use.

l Online renewal medical cards

During in-person renewal of medical marijuana cards in California, you may have to wait in places that you may not be comfortable staying. However, with the new California medical marijuana online services, you have a chance to enjoy your privacy and general safety.


Using medical marijuana is legal in the state of California. However, there is need for you to get a recommendation from a doctor after which you can apply for your medical marijuana card. With the recent introduction of medical cards renewals in California, you get a chance to access the card quicker, safer and more efficiently. This is in contrast to the previous in-person renewal that took a long time to process among other disadvantages.


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