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At one time, marijuana was classified as a gateway drug. Health professionals stated that drug abuse began with the recreational drug and led to more dangerous drugs like heroin or cocaine. Certainly, only criminals or those from lower socioeconomic groups would use such a drug. Those in the richer part of town, without criminal records would never smoke marijuana. However, today experts are taking a second look at marijuana and believe that it has very sound health benefits that require further study. Therefore, consumption of marijuana should be considered for decriminalization.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a medical marijuana advocate that is in the know and that is certainly revolutionizing the way the medical community thinks about the drug. Gupta released Weed 3 with the intent to explore marijuana further and investigate supposed benefits.

Gupta is quite familiar with the controversy surrounding medical marijuana. He was featured in a 2009 Time Magazine article discussing that very topic. Gupta did his research and found the information on marijuana in America was inadequate and did not impress him as significant. Gupta decided to do his own research and traveled across the world interviewing growers, medical marijuana patients, and advocates for legalizing marijuana.

Gupta states that the Drug Enforcement Agency in this country classifies marijuana as a schedule 1 substance. Schedule 1 is a classification for top level dangerous drugs that do not have potential medical benefits and are at risk for abuse. Gupta is at a loss for the reasoning behind this classification. Clearly, legislation should be changed due to the medicinal use benefits in recent documentary studies.

Gupta has come full circle. He is an advocate for legalizing medicinal marijuana and calling for a revolution in the medical community to accept the benefits and make it a part of the health care system in the country.

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