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Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Program

Since the inception of life on earth, humans have found several methods and substances to keep their stresses and anxieties at bay. Marijuana is one such substance that is considered to be extremely effective for various medical conditions and help patients across the world. It was in the year 1970 when US government included Marijuana in Schedule I of Controlled Substances Act after which nearly 23 states of United States have legalized the use of this substance for medical purposes, Massachusetts being one of them. The proponents of this substance believe that marijuana can be used for treating various medical ailments such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy and other conditions and this is the reason why the Massachusetts medical marijuana program was passed by local government officials to promote and control the use of this substance for medical purposes alone.

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana and its benefits?

You must have heard lot of bad things about marijuana until now but if a number of medical reports and researches conducted across the globe are to be believed then, we can safely conclude that Marijuana can be used for various medical purposes. The term ‘medical marijuana’ generally refers to the unprocessed marijuana plant in the raw form which isn’t approved by FDA in the first place. These unprocessed plants contain a chemical named cannabis or cannabinoids which is proved to contain several therapeutic benefits.

It is pertinent to know that the negative effects of marijuana are mainly concerned with smoke and its chronic use, thereby making it quite a safe ingredient for a number of medicines that can treat patients suffering from ailments like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Glaucoma, multiple sclerosis hepatitis C and HIV etc.

Massachusetts medical marijuana laws

The Massachusetts medical marijuana law was passed in the year 2012 by the voters of Massachusetts which has been recently updated by passing various new regulations under this Act. The law of Massachusetts clearly approves the acquisition, distribution and processing of marijuana for medical purposes. The law intents to create clarity that there won’t be any penalties or punishments for patients, caregivers and doctors for the possession and use of medical marijuana under the law of Massachusetts.
The law of Massachusetts states that any patient suffering for few specific medical conditions can possess a reasonable quantity of marijuana for his/her needs for a period not exceeding 60 days. The new regulations passed in the year 2013 have placed a 10 ounce limit on the 60 day supply unless the patient has approved marijuana prescriptions from qualified doctor stating that he needs more quantity than 10 ounces.
The qualifying conditions for patients are as follows:
He should be a person suffering from:
• Cancer
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Back Pain
• Add/ADHD
• Glaucoma
• Parkinson’s disease
• Any other diseases as determined by a qualified physician of the patient

Role of Marijuana dispensaries and caregivers

The law of Massachusetts on Medical use of Marijuana requires setting up of dispensaries for handling patients with such specific medical conditions which should be a not for profit making organization. The most pertinent thing to take note of here is that not-for-profit doesn’t imply that such dispensaries work on similar lines with charitable organizations; it simply means they cannot issue capital stock. These treatment centers can possess, distribute and process Marijuana for medical purposes to serve needy patients. The main law states that there will be not more than 35 state approved dispensaries in the Massachusetts and presently there are around 11 dispensaries that are providing ailing patients with marijuana treatment.
Apart from approved medical marijuana dispensaries, the law even highlights the role of caregivers in procuring medical marijuana for patients. Individual patients are permitted to assign and designate a personal caregiver who’ll cultivate Marijuana for them for medical purposes in case they are unable to obtain the same from state approved dispensaries.

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