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Valley 420 Evaluations Marijuana Cards Doctors Fresno, CA 90028

Valley 420 Evaluations is a medical marijuana physician clinic with a main office in Fresno, California. Valley 420 Evaluations is one of many Fresno medicinal marijuana recommendation and evaluation centers that aids patients in getting a California Medical marijuana card. In order for any patient to obtain they must get a California Medicinal card from a skilled and licensed health doctor.  For those who are living in Fresno Ca and are searching for a medical marijuana doctor, search our directory to find a local cannabis cards physician near you

Fresno CA Medical Cannabis Cards

Cannabis had been recognized to be an efficient cure for different illness such as AIDS, anorexia, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease and many more.

In California, laws about the use of medical marijuana are very specific and clear. Patients need to be a citizen of Californian and requires to be assessed by a medical doctor, not a doctor’s assistant, a nurse, nurse practitioner. It should be a licensed doctor. In addition, the practice should be owned and operate by an M.D or DO. It must not operate by an individual who then get the service of a doctor. According to CA regulation if a medical evaluation center is not operated and owned by a medical doctor then it’s illegal.  Valley 420 Evaluations

Valley 420 Evaluations Local medical marijuana doctors for cannabis evaluations, cards recommendations, marijuana prescriptions for cannabis treatments. Valley 420 Evaluations sees patients for mmj evaluations at the local medicinal marijuana clinics located at

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  1. Elaine, October 22, 2015 11:23 am business - Valley 420 Evaluations

    Awesome place to get a medical marijuana card renewal – LOVE the OneloveMD name – the doctor is mad cool too! Overall great experience – will renew with them next year!

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