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Metro Multidisciplinary Doctors (MMD) is a Denver, Colorado medical marijuana evaluations, cards clinic

The Metro Multidisciplinary Doctors (MMD) is a Denver, Colorado medical marijuana evaluations, cards clinic. Metro Multidisciplinary Doctors marijuana clinic and marijuana cards are obtained in Denver, Colorado for use of cannabis for medical therapy and a Colorado marijuana card. Metro Multidisciplinary Doctors assists patients get their medical marijuana recommendation and card. You can find Metro Multidisciplinary Doctors and other Denver medical cannabis cards doctors near you on

Metro Multidisciplinary Doctors of MMD is dedicated facility for consulting for health benefits of medicinal cannabis. Metro Multidisciplinary Doctors (MMD)certification is given by Colorado  doctors at a medical marijuana clinic in Denver, Colorado.

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At Metro Multidisciplinary Doctors (MMD), health marijuana alternative health care service which patient assistance services that are extended in Colorado State.  Metro Multidisciplinary Doctors (MMD) is a Denver, Colorado medical marijuana evaluations, cards clinic is readily accessible for both current and inquiring Colorado marijuana patients.

MMD Medical Doctors Denver, CO, 80203 medical cannabis physicians and cannabis recommendations

450 Lincoln St., Ste.104

Denver, CO 80203


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3 reviews

  1. karl crown, February 20, 2014 5:34 pm business - MMD Medical Doctors

    Thankful, and l was impressed. Real.medical facilities… Respectable and honest. Good example.

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  2. G. B, January 15, 2015 1:06 pm business - MMD Medical Doctors

    Im new to the whole marijuana thing, so I was a bit scared at first. But i must admit the office made my visit very comfortable and they answered all my questions. So far cannabis has been very helpful with my insomnia, no im not sleep walking on ambien!

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  3. steve, January 28, 2015 7:40 pm business - MMD Medical Doctors

    real quick, cool, dr was nice!

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