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Gateways Certification Center Ann Arbor MI Cannabis Cards

The Gateways Certification Center is an Ann Arbor  MI, Michigan medical marijuana evaluations, cards clinic. Gateways Certification Center marijuana clinic and marijuana cards are obtained in Ann Arbor   MI, Michigan for use of cannabis for medical therapy and a Michigan marijuana card. Gateways Certification Center assists patients get their medical marijuana recommendation and card. You can find Gateways Certification Center and other Ann Arbor   MI medical cannabis cards doctors near you on

Gateways Certification Center is focused consulting patients for marijuana cards. The office is focused on making the processing of Medical Marijuana Card as informative, simple and as fast as possible. Gateways Certification Center doctor’s recommendation is accepted in Michigan and recognized in the lawful practice of marijuana.  The certification is given by Michigan Board Certified doctors at a medical marijuana clinic in Ann Arbor   MI, Michigan.

Ann Arbor  MI Cannabis Cards

At Gateways Certification Center, patient assessments at a low cost. They are a marijuana alternative health care service which features broad patient assistance services that are extended in Michigan State.  Being the foremost provider of alternative medicine, we offer the most expert heath care services; all these are readily accessible for both new and renewal patients Michigan marijuana laws, health of marijuana patients. Gateways Certification Center employs a certified and licensed doctors who are capable to give patients with a detailed and customized medical marijuana assessment to assist determine a medical need.

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Michigan passed the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act in 2008 – these marijuana laws allows medical marijuana to be used for medical issues.  This law allows  medical cannabis patients and their primary caregivers the benefit of  utilizing, possessing and cultivating medical cannabis once they possess a medical marijuana card recommendation from a doctor stating that the patient could benefit from the use of marijuana. The state’s legislature subsequently passed the Medical Marijuana Program Act in February 2003, establishing a voluntary Michigan state ID card program and a legal structure for collectives and dispensaries to distribute medical cannabis as well as protections for transporting cannabis.

Gateways Certification Center Conference Room A, 3205 Boardwalk, Ann Arbor, MI, 48104 Local medical marijuana doctors for cannabis evaluations, cards recommendations, marijuana prescriptions for cannabis treatments. Gateways Certification Center sees patients for mmj evaluations at the local medicinal marijuana clinics located at Conference Room A, 3205 Boardwalk, Ann Arbor, MI, 48104

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