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 Medical marijuana Los Angeles is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around in this major metropolis ever since 1996, when the first laws were passed allowing patients to use medical marijuana Los Angeles without having to fear being arrested and tossed in prison for using a natural treatment option. However, many people who may qualify to use it are still frightened over the legality surrounding it, and whether or not it may be right for them. This article should serve to hopefully clear up some inconsistencies that have circulated regarding medical marijuana Los Angeles.

How does the Medical Marijuana Los Angeles Program Work?

In 2003, the city created a medical marijuana program, which is managed by the California Department of Public Health. They receive documentation from doctors that recommend patients for medical marijuana Los Angeles. Upon review and approval they issue an ID card. This card enables patients to legally use cannabis as medicine, and also serves to prove they are legally using marijuana to any law enforcement officers upon request. It also allows for patients to gain access to marijuana dispensaries so they can buy the medicine they require for treatment.

Is it Illegal to Use Medical Marijuana in Los Angeles?

Marijuana is federally illegal and is illegal for recreational usage in this city. However, if you see a doctor and get a written recommendation, that’s the only exception. Only patients who hold a valid marijuana card can use medical marijuana Los Angeles without fear of being criminally prosecuted.

Benefits of an ID Card for Medical Marijuana Los Angeles California

If you are curious as to the benefits of holding one of these ID cards for cannabis, they are numerous. Such cards protect your rights as a patient from: being arrested for using, possessing, transporting or growing cannabis; they protect you from discrimination for using the medicine; and they allow you access to marijuana dispensaries so you can buy medical supplies when you need them.

Easy Steps to Getting a Medical Marijuana Los Angeles Card

If you are wondering how you can get a card so that you can legally use medical marijuana Los Angeles, there are some relatively easy steps that you can follow to get approved for one today.

  1. See an LA marijuana doctor and get your written recommendation.
  2. Submit your written recommendation, application, copy of your current photo ID and any fees to the public health department.
  3. After review, you will be approved and issued an ID card for marijuana.

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