Medical Marijuana Cleared for US Veterans

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Medical marijuana can Now be Given to War Veterans

It is the Senate Appropriations Committee we have to thank, for the fact; VA doctors can discuss the use of medical marijuana with their patients. Medical marijuana could be useful in treating ailments such as post-traumatic stress disorder on war veterans.

There have always been many talks regarding the veterans and medical cannabis. Previously, the veterans who were under doctors from veteran affairs did not have access to medical marijuana. It did not matter if they were in a state that allowed it or not.

The tables, however, turned last year when the US Senate passed the amendment that allowed the use of vet’s cannabis. The bill that would have stopped the use of funds by the government to enforce the rules that bar VA doctors from recommending medical marijuana was shut down.

Veterans and Medical Marijuana Treatments

The first month of this year then saw the lawmakers write a letter to Bob McDonalds, who is the VA secretary. In the letter signed by 21 members of Congress, they demanded that the rules be changed. They claimed that time had come for the VA doctors to discuss the issue of war veterans and medical marijuana freely.

A new amendment had been passed. The veteran affairs funds can no longer be used to keep VA patients from accessing vets cannabis. The rule however only applies to the select states that do not prohibit the use of marijuana.

In a statement, Michael Collins who is the deputy director of the Drug Policy Alliance’s Office of National Affairs said that veterans have served the country and should not be denied access to treatment that could help deal with their condition. He said that doctors must be free to recommend medicinal cannabis for all possible treatments.

High Times claim that the number of states that are currently allowing the use of medical marijuana is 23. The number is however set to rise to 24 once the Pennsylvania governor signs the bill that will come later this week to be approved by both chambers of the state legislature.

Do the war veterans deserve to be denied access to this drug? Judging by the amount of sacrifice they have given for the sake of the freedom of each, it would be best if they were allowed any drug that would eventually make them able to fit in with the rest of us. Find the best medical marijuana doctors near you, search here.

Medical Marijuana Doctors Veterans & Medical Marijuana

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