Get A Medical Marijuana Card in Minutes Online in San Diego

medical card renewals online san diego (6)

medical card renewals online san diego (3)

Local patients can get San Diego online medical marijuana evaluations services are a blessing for those who have already tried the service. It used to take months to become a California medical marijuana patient, and then another wait to apply for and actually get a medical marijuana card: this new online medical marijuana service lets people in San Diego, California qualify and get their medical card in just a few minutes.

medical card renewals online san diego (6)

The California Telehealth Act allows patients to get a real-time 420 evaluation online in San Diego. By using a medical marijuana telemedicine portal, patients get to see a certified California marijuana medical doctor any time of the day or night.


Patients in San Diego suffering severe or debilitating pain no longer need to leave home to see a real doctor, they can access a compassionate 420 doctor online in minutes. Using telemedicine technology benefits, patients who have trouble getting around, whether from an accident or disability, never have to leave the comfort of home. Bed-ridden, terminally ill patients can access a compassionate health team from the comfort of their own bed.


Since the inception of online telemedicine services, more people are opting to ‘see’ an online marijuana doctor rather than wait for an appointment to see a doctor in person. Patients can now skip the whole appointment wait time and log into the telemedicine service on their computer or smartphone. A process that took months now takes minutes. Even if a patient would like a San Diego medical marijuana card renewal online.



For almost fifty years, health care and other medical industries have been using telemedicine and telehealth technology to enhance patient and doctors’ experiences. The use of real-time video connections has been incorporated into every aspect of health care, from laboratories to the operations of large hospitals. Small doctor offices, clinics, nursing stations, medical testing facilities, hospice centers, and numerous other areas of health care are all now connected to live video. provides telemedicine portals to marijuana doctors who wish to offer their compassionate services to patients throughout the state of California, not just those in the San Diego area.


If you are a current medical marijuana card holder that needs to renew your status, or if you are new to the idea of medical marijuana, using the telemedicine portal is the best way to get the job done. This private, safe and secure technology is the fastest and most efficient way to attend to your every medical cannabis need.


The medical marijuana law in CA says that patients must have a persistent or chronic medical condition that limits theirmedical card renewals online san diego (6) ability to engage in normal activities. In-person and online 420 doctors are aware of the following list of medical conditions that limit patients from experiencing a normal life:






side effects of radiation therapy




multiple sclerosis








chronic pain









This is just a partial list of the many disorders, conditions and ailments that can cause disabilities that are helped with medical marijuana.


After a qualified doctor certifies one as a CA medical marijuana patient, the patient submits this information directly to the Medical Marijuana Program Unit at the CA Department of Public Health. Fees are $66, or $33 for Medi-Cal patients, and due when submitting information the the Department of Public Health. Once transactions are completed, a California medical marijuana I.D. card is issued. These cards are also referred to as CA cannabis cards.


medical card renewals online san diego (6)Some patients even call their medical cannabis card a ‘420 card.’ No matter what it is called, this card gives the holder the opportunity to buy or grow their own marijuana. CA law says patients may grow 12 immature plants or six mature plants at a time, but only three plants can be flowering at once. Patients who don’t want to grow their own can have someone grow for them.


Those who would rather not think about growing crops can simple purchase their medical marijuana from local dispensaries. Dispensaries will ask for to see a medical cannabis card before selling any products.


Pain sufferers living in San Diego are able to get their CA medical marijuana card in mere minutes online. What could be easier? How about an online service that delivers medical marijuana right to the front door? It’s happening. Life just got easier for those who have their medical marijuana card in San Diego, California.






Get a renewal California medical card online

Get a new patient online 420 evaluation in California






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