Medical Marijuana Benefits Minnesota Residents Get Off Narcotic Medications



The Benefits of Medical Marijuana and quitting Narcotics

It is a fact that opioid drugs, such as oxycodone, hydrocodone and morphine, are potentially addictive pain medications. Currently, the company Vireo Health has released a new medical alternative referred to as Flexible Reduction and Expedited Discontinuation of Opioid Medications also referred to as FREDOM. Dr. Kyle Kingsley, Vireo CEO is responsible for the new protocol being developed as an alternative for doctors who are treating patients with chronic pain.

Recently, Dr. Kinglsey stated his reasons for beginning the new protocol, during his time as an emergency medicine physician he observed that narcotics are overprescribed, frequently overconsumed and too often the result of fatal overdoses. This can be viewed as combating an ever so present public health crisis.  According to the CDC, in 2014 more than 14,000 patients died from prescription drug abuse.

Currently, the state government of Minnesota has determined it is in the patient’s best interest to allow patients with intractable pain, pain that cannot be cured, to treat their debilitating health problems with medical cannabis. The Vireo company plans on mapping the cannabis distribution and the effect of the drug on the pain in each patient. The company is going public with its FREDOM plans in hopes of creating a better understanding with the Minnesota community and elevating the misconceptions brought on by public and political propaganda.

Minnesota residents who have started using medical marijuana for treating disabling conditions have found that their lives have drastically improved. These patients no longer fear to have an active daily routine. The limitations that the opioid drugs presented were a problem when working a job. The medical marijuana does not inhibit these patient’s job performance. Many of these patients are finding the major benefit to using medical marijuana is no chance of a lethal overdose.



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