Marijuana is a medicine, natural, plain, simple and effective

Efforts to legalize marijuana in New York have picked up steam since Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed earlier this month to make pot available on a limited basis to people contending with serious illnesses.

A story Sunday on outlined arguments from opponents of Cuomo’s proposal who say there’s little scientific proof of marijuana’s medical effectiveness, and those of proponents who say it is safe and works.

The article drew scores of comments from readers. Here’s a sample:

From Bump-KinSeveral years ago my 73-year-old best friend was receiving chemo for bowel cancer and was a very sick man.So we obtained some pot to help him out. A very helpful attending nurse pointed to a picnic table at the far end of the parking lot and told us that no one would bother us there. So we wheeled him out and he smoked a half a joint. Well, to say it helped is a gross understatement. We wheeled out a very sick guy and when we wheeled him back in, he was laughing and enjoying himself, no nausea, no pain . . .
Marijuana is a medicine, natural, plain, simple and effective. I have seen it quickly and compassionately relieve suffering and improve the lives of sick friends. That this is still being discussed is ridiculous. Stop the unnecessary suffering, legalize medical marijuana.

From Lucy van PeltI could care less how convincing the clinical data might be regarding marijuana as an effective drug in cancer patients.
As far as I am concerned, if someone is in pain and dying of cancer they can pour whatever psychoactive drugs into their bodies they like if they feel it eases their suffering. Who are we, who do not suffer, to tell such folks how they can or cannot manage their final days?
Where does this piety and self-righteousness regarding the use of drugs by the dying come from?

From Grassman88It’s extremely difficult to believe Margaret Haney and Dr. Judy Setla, who claim, respectively, there is “very little scientific evidence” that cannabis is medicine, and that synthetic Marinol pills are better than cannabis plants themselves. For some reason, professionals like Haney and Setla always ignore the fact that cannabis was in the U.S. pharmacopoeia — the official list of medicines available to all doctors — between 1850 and the early 1940s, when drug czar Harry Anslinger was busy threatenting doctors with arrest and prosecution for prescribing the dreaded “marihuana.” Haney and Setla also completely omitted the role of the Drug Enforcement Administration in this madness . . .

From Joey82: I’m as right wing as they come and I support outright legalization. (Amendment) 64 got 50,000 more votes than Obama in Colorado. Medical marijuana enjoys over 80 percent support nationwide. We are all on the same side.

From LeastsquaresI’m all for complete legalization. I have seen the medical benefits personally, related to the effects of cancer treatment. Just be aware of the real motives of the stoner culture. In Colorado, one month after legalization, there is already a movement brewing to institute government price and supply controls. Some won’t be happy until it’s available on the EBT card.

From notaniceguyNot every person that shares some of the painful problems listed in this article wants it legalized. The list of “potential” uses points out that it will just open the floodgates — much like climate change, we are being sold feelings as fact!

Where do you stand on the question of legalizing medical marijuana? Please leave a comment below.

By John Mariani | 

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  1. greenmuvdo, May 16, 2014 4:37 pm - Marijuana is a medicine, natural, plain, simple and effective

    VERY cool info on important medical marijuana and such. I’ve been a fan of marijuana before it was medical…didnt know it was so beneficial before. As a firm believer, I now only utilize cannabis when at home on Saturdaays only. Great article. Thanks guys

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  2. Marijuana Cards User, August 12, 2014 8:18 pm - Marijuana is a medicine, natural, plain, simple and effective

    Dude – I started using medical cannabis this year. Prior to this, I was taking about 5 norco tabs every 2-3 days for back pain. Seriosly, sucked!! Then a buddy allowed the chance to taste a marijuana muffin – I was pain free for hours AND I din’t have constipation. I’m a firm believer in medical marijuana!

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