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About Marijuana Tea

Jill Amen has been growing little saplings of cannabis at her place since her teenage. Therefore she has extreme love for this plant which makes her state that the coffee shops should be exclusively for the coffee which may be marijuana infused but not for pot smoking.

She launched a product named as Jane’s brew which grabbed two first place awards at Hempcon for this innovative medical discovery. This product has made its way towards 100 dispensaries in California and spreading its branches in Nevada. She is now willing to make the product enter into Washington D.C which has recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana only in private residences. For this the founders arranged a little party in the backyard of the small house where the bouncers wearing the shirt adorned with the words Jane’s army, were affixed on doors to check for the identification cards of the partygoers. Along with the tall and heavy bouncers, a woman was standing who was required to ask about the history of each entrant about being medicated with marijuana. This formalized treatment was to show that marijuana parties are better than the monotonous work places. The guests were served with interesting starters and most of the guests were dressed formally as they reached the party directly after their office.

Marijuana Tea in D.C.

Jill Amen then afterwards served the guests with the regular tea or coffee diluted with some powder which she calls ‘secret’ because it is the result of hard work of one year of a food scientist who developed this powder. This powder has the grassy taste of marijuana which helps in blending the cannabis oil into the milk so as to taste relaxing and soothing. The drink shows its affect after 20 to 30 minutes of consumption. After the guests picked up their glasses they were marked with green stickers to symbolize that this customer has been medicated.

Jane’s Brew is a product which highly supports the legalization of marijuana. D.C has legalized the marijuana for recreational purpose in homes and it can be sold only to medical dispensaries. This means that it is legal to possess marijuana but it is illegal to sell it except to the dispensaries. This is the reason that at the party the drink offered to the guests was completely free!

These legal limitations put the people into dilemma and they fail to decide the existence of their inclination towards marijuana. D.C also puts limitations on the quantum of cannabis that can be grown by the cultivators therefore selling Jane’s Brew in D.C marijuana tea would be an expensive venture. The federal jobs which have employed bunch of city mates maintain strict drug free policies and therefore some of the reporters were forbidden by their employers to taste the brew at the party.

D.C is now expected to relax its legal norms from its move of banning the employers from conducting drug testing on candidates who have not been offered a job. This beverage is feasible for those class of persons who never smoke like grandmothers and aunts and is also beneficial to all those who want to quit smoking. The pot users are as classy as the drinkers and are a wonderful healer for the stereotypes who have high caliber!

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