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Use of Medical Marijuana Cards in Washington.

Washington WA Medical Marijuana Cards

Many states in the country now has legalized the use of Marijuana but only for medicinal purposes. Anyone with the right documentation, can cultivate and use medicinal Marijuana and it also has the approval of the State under the Ballot Initiative I-692 which sought to remove any kind of penalizing for the possession and use of marijuana. Today the health benefits of medicinal marijuana has been widely accepted all over the world and in an attempt to avoid side effects caused by the medicine consumption, people are resorting to other forms of medical treatment like homeopathy, aromatherapy, acupuncture and Ayurveda. Besides all these various accepted alternatives, the treatment with the use of medicinal marijuana for   various ailments is being adopted. The treatment procedure is especially popular among people who have undertaken the Chemotherapy treatment for Cancer as it helps the patients to combat the after effects of the therapy.

Even though the medical marijuana is now being widely used as a medicine and even through there are no prohibitions against holding the drug or cultivating it for medical purposes, there are certain stringent laws in place for its possession and use. One of the main stipulations is that neither the patient nor the person attending to the patient can possess only about 24 ounces of cannabis that is usable. Regarding the cultivation of the plant, the owner of the plants cannot possess more than 15 plants that are mature and ready to be processed.

According to the Washington State Medical Marijuana Act, the patients who possess the right documents that validate their use and possession of medical cannabis. The documents approving the use must be got from the physician treating them. The document must state that the patient is indeed suffering from a particular condition that might be treated without any side effects with the use of marijuana that is grown for medicinal purposes. In the case of possession of larger qualities, they will be protected by the Act if they are able to provide valid documentation to prove that their medical condition warrants the use of larger quantities than what is specified by the Act.

There are other requirements that must be satisfied before the patient can actually use medical marijuana for treatment purposes and they include:

The patient should be a resident of the State of Washington and must have a proof of the residence.

A copy of the diagnosis of the medical condition that warrants the use of medical marijuana

All records and documents must be evaluated and certified by the Marijuana Evaluator who is a Medical Doctor who has the license for medical practice from the State Government in Washington

Ailments that come under the purview of the Washington Medical Marijuana law include Cancer, HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis, Crohn’s Disease, Glaucoma, and pain that is intractable. Pain that is caused by various ailments and which are not relieved by normal medical treatment are also under the Act.

Strict punishment is meted out to those not abiding by the guide lines of the Medical Marijuana law of the State of Washington. Any possession of more than the stipulated amount of marijuana is strictly prohibited and punishable under the Act.

There is currently no state ID program or registry for medical marijuana patients in Washington. Find a medical marijuana doctor in Washington here.

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