Oregon Medical Marijuana Qualifications

Oregon Medical Marijuana Qualifications

How To Qualify for Medicinal Marijuana in Oregon

Oregon is one of the legal medical marijuana states in the U.S.  On November 3, 1998, 55% of Oregon voters sanction Measure 67, which afforded the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act and dissolved state-level criminal punishments on the utilization, ownership and development of medical marijuana by patients who get a proposal from an Oregon licensed medical doctor (MD) or specialist of osteopathy (DO) expressing that “cannabis may relieve the manifestations or impacts of the individual’s weakening restorative condition.” Under Oregon state law, patients (or their essential guardians) might lawfully have up to six experienced cannabis plants, 18 youthful seedlings, and 24 ounces of usable cannabis. Qualifying patients must enroll as a therapeutic weed patient with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, which is controlled by the Oregon Department of Health Services (DHS).

Learn about the full content of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act here.

Instructions to Qualify for Medical Marijuana Cards in Oregon

You must be a US resident. You don’t need to be an Oregon resident. Oregon permits patients from all states to qualify for medicinal marijuana.

Acquire a duplicate of your medicinal records demonstrating a qualifying condition, as recorded beneath.

Acquire composed certification from a doctor of medicine (MD) or specialist of osteopathy (DO), authorized in the condition of Oregon that that you are a qualifying patient. You can find a local medical marijuana doctor in Oregon here.

What ailments can Be Treated With Medical Marijuana?

Patients in Oregon diagnosed with the listed medical ailments are eligible to managed with medical marijuana under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act:

Cancer, Glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, or treatment for these conditions;

A medicinal condition or treatment for a restorative condition that delivers, for a particular patient, one or a greater amount of the accompanying:


Chronic pain;



muscle spasms,

Medicinal Marijuana Access in Oregon OR

Oregon doctors recommend medical marijuana to local patients that qualify under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. Currently marijuana is still on Schedule I by the Federal Gov, so doctors can’t write a prescription, but they can write for a recommendation.  Patients would need an Oregon medical marijuana card.

As per Oregon therapeutic marijuana law, patients or their essential guardians may develop restorative weed for the tolerant’s private utilization (the length of they give the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program with the location of the develop site) and may have legitimately have up to 24 ounces of usable pot, six developed pot plants, and 18 seedlings. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act does not make any procurements for a supply or source from which to buy restorative cannabis.


Postage information:

Oregon Department of Human Services

800 NE Oregon St.

Portland, OR 97232

Telephone Number:

(503) 731-4000


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