Michigan Medical Marijuana

Michigan Medical Marijuana

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMMA)which is also known as Proposal 1 had been approved by 63% of voters in the state on November 2008 and came into effect from 4’th December 2008.

The MMMA would permit the patients who have been suffering from a debilitating medical condition approved by the state to obtain a certification signed by their physician stating that the patient would benefit from the therapeutic use of cannabis. Once the patient has received a written certificate from their cannabis doctor to possess and use the substance for medicinal purposes, they will be allowed to use cannabis in accordance with the state marijuana laws.

Regulations regarding cultivation and possession in Michigan

Patients with a serious medical condition are allowed to posses up to 2 and 1/2 ounces of usable marijuana and can cultivate about 12 cannabis plants. These plants need to be kept in an enclosed and locked space. Patients are allowed to grow their medicine in case there is not designated caregiver for the patient. The Supreme Court of Michigan has given the verdict that all cannabis dispensaries are illegal and as a result the patients need to grow their own plants.

Updated program details of the Michigan Medical Marijuana programme

So as to help the patients to look for information an index of medical marijuana resources have been compiled by us. They are intended to serve as a legal library for marijuana patients in Michigan.

The medical cannabis programme in the state of Michigan distinguishes itself from the rest of the states since they don’t allow cannabis pharmacies to operate within the state. This law requires the patients to grow their medicine by themselves. One needs to keep in mind that a legal medical marijuana patient is required to have a qualifying medical condition as stated by the Department of Justice and Department of Health Services.

Who can qualify and which ailments can be treated

Only patients who are suffering from a debilitating medical condition which can be treated by the beneficial properties of cannabis would be permitted to grow this plant.

Ailments which can be treated with the use of medical cannabis in Michigan include:

  • Cancer, AIDS, Glaucoma, hepatitis C, post traumatic stress disorder, Chron’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and nail patella.
  • Any chronic disease which exhibits the following symptoms – wasting syndrome, chronic pain, severe nausea, epilepsy and seizures and severe muscle spasms.

Some Important Michigan Medical Marijuana Facts

  • Though the sale of medical marijuana in dispensaries is illegal, the law is rather vague and one can find many non profit dispensaries which have been operating all over the state.
  • The Michigan marijuana laws come with very strong protection for the doctors including protection from penalties and disciplinary actions by the state medical board.
  • Latest statistics reveal that there had been more than 205,423 applicants for marijuana cards in 2009.
  • About 126,912 cards have already been issued while 21,452 applications were denied.
  • Most of the denials have resulted from badly filled application form and absence of necessary documentation.
  • Caregivers in Michigan are allowed to cultivate and possess cannabis for not more than 5 patients.
  • A marijuana card requires about 20 days to get issued from the date of submission of the application.
  • According to the marijuana laws of the state, the patients are entitled to have an affirmative defence in court for charges against marijuana related paraphernalia.






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