Maine Medical Marijuana Laws

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Medicinal utilization of marijuana; exceptions. The accompanying procurements oversee the medical utilization of cannabis. Find local medical marijuana doctors in Maine MN.

  1. Despite whatever other procurement of law, a man who is no less than 18 years old may legally have a usable measure of marijuana for medicinal utilization if, at the season of that ownership, the individual has accessible a confirmed duplicate of a medical record or other composed documentation from a doctor, exhibiting that:

(1) The individual has been analyzed by a doctor as affliction from one or a greater amount of the accompanying conditions:

(a) Persistent queasiness, spewing, squandering disorder or loss of longing as a consequence of medical marijuana:

(i) Acquired safe inadequacy disorder or the treatment thereof; or

(ii) Chemotherapy or radiation treatment used to treat growth;

(b) Persistent queasiness, spewing, squandering disorder or loss of longing as a consequence of:

(c) Heightened intraocular weight as a consequence of glaucoma;

(d) Seizures connected with an interminable, incapacitating ailment, for example, epilepsy; or

(e) Persistent muscle fits connected with an endless, weakening illness, for example, different sclerosis;

(2) A doctor, in the setting of a true blue doctor tolerant association with the individual:

(a) Has talked about with the individual the conceivable wellbeing dangers and medical or palliative advantages of the medicinal utilization of marijuana to assuage torment or allay indications of the individual’s condition, in view of data known not doctor, including, yet not restricted to, clinical studies or narrative proof reported in medicinal writing or perceptions or data concerning the utilization of cannabis by different patients with the same or comparative conditions;

(b) Has given the individual the doctor’s proficient assessment concerning the conceivable equalization of dangers and advantages of the medical utilization of marijuana to calm torment or reduce side effects in the individual’s specific case; and

(c) Has exhorted the individual, on the premise of the doctor’s learning of the individual’s medical history and condition, that the individual may profit by the medicinal utilization of cannabis to ease torment or mitigate side effects of the individual’s condition;

(3) The individual has revealed to the doctor that individual’s medicinal utilization of marijuana; and

(4) The individual is under the proceeding with consideration of the doctor. [IB 1999, c. 1, §10 (new).]

  1. A man under 18 years old may legitimately have a usable measure of marijuana for medical utilization if:

(1) The individual meets the necessities of passage A, subparagraphs (1) to (4); and

(2) The individual:

(a) Has accessible a marked composed approval from that individual’s guardian or lawful watchman consenting to that individual’s medicinal utilization of marijuana – minors need parental consent.

  1. Despite some other procurement of law, an assigned parental figure might legitimately have a usable measure of marijuana for medical utilization by a qualified patient if the assigned guardian is acting inside of the extent of the assigned parental figure’s obligations to the qualified patient. [IB 1999, c. 1, §10 (new).]
  2. The way that a man produces documentation portrayed in section A does not constitute a waiver of the doctor patient benefit in whatever other appreciation. [IB 1999, c. 1, §10 (new).]
  3. A doctor who, in the setting of a real doctor persistent relationship, exhorts a patient that the patient may profit by the medical utilization of cannabis may not be considered to have damaged any procurement of Title 32, area 2591-A, subsection 2 or segment 3282-A, subsection 2. [IB 1999, c. 1, §10 (new).]
  4. Despite the procurements of passage A, medical utilization of cannabis by a qualified patient is not approved by this area if such utilize happens in an open scannabis or in a work environment where such utilize is not allowed. [IB 1999, c. 1, §10 (new).]



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