Maine Medical Marijuana Patient Qualifications

What Patients, Age groups, Medical Conditions Qualifies for Medicinal Marijuana in Maine

Must be an resident of Maine with a legitimate Maine I.D. as confirmation of residency. On the off chance that you don’t have a Maine I.D. an out of state I.D., international ID, or other photograph I.D. with verification of residency, for example, bank explanation, service charge, and so forth is adequate.

You must get true blue medical records or documentation from your primary care doctor or specialist doctor displaying your diagnosis, MRI results, Xray reports, etc. and bring these records with you to your marijuana evaluations appointment. To get your medical records, simply ask your primary care doctor or specialist doctor.

Acquire a verified, composed recommendation from a licensed Maine doctor stating that you can benefit from the use medical marijuana or Maine medical marijuana card. Locate a medicinal marijuana specialist in Maine here.

Register with the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program to get a registry id card, known as a medicinal marijuana card. Note: As of September 28, 2011 this registry system is entirely discretionary.  Find local medical marijuana doctors in Maine MN.


Medical Conditions & Maine Medical Marijuana

Patients in Maine determined to have the accompanying sicknesses are managed legitimate insurance under the Maine Medical Marijuana Act: Malignancy, Glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Crohn’s disease,  Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain disorder or the treatment of these conditions; an endless or weakening ailment or medicinal condition or its treatment that creates persistent pain, which is agony that has not reacted to common medical or surgical measures for over 6 months; or medicinal condition or its treatment that creates one or a greater amount of the accompanying: Cachexia or wasting disorder; Severe queasiness; Seizures, including those normal for epilepsy; or serious and severe muscle spasms, including those normal for different sclerosis or Crohn’s illness


Get Medical Marijuana in Maine

Some medical cannabis patients will assert they have a specialist’s medicine for medicinal cannabis, however marijuana solutions are truth be told unlawful. The central government orders marijuana as a schedule I tranquilize. Thusly specialists are not able to recommend marijuana to their patients, and medicinal cannabis patients can’t go to a drug store to fill a solution for medicinal marijuana. Rather, medicinal marijuana doctors will supply patients with a medicinal marijuana recommendation in agreeability with state law.

As per Maine medicinal marijuana law, patients and their guardians may develop medical cannabis for the understanding’s private utilization and may have 2.5 ounces and six plants, three of which may be develop. The Maine Department of Health and Human Services is right now during the time spent setting up 8 non-benefit dispensaries, where patients and guardians will have the capacity to buy medical marijuana. These dispensaries are required to open in 2011.



Street number: Division of Health and Human Services

221 State Street

Augusta, ME 04333

Telephone: 207-287-3707

Fax: 207-287-3005

TTY: 800-606-0215

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