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Maine Medical Marijuana Program and General Medical Cannabis Info

Check out this Information Regarding Maine’s Medical Marijuana Program

Poll Question 2 was affirmed by 61% of Maine voters on November 2, 1999. It produced results December 22, 1999.

The Maine law which sanctions a medical cannabis program for the state permits lawful medical marijuana patients to get a medicinal marijuana proposal from a state affirmed doctor and apply for a Maine state issued medicinal marijuana recognizable proof card. State inhabitants with an ID card are permitted to have and develop medical cannabis according to state rules.

Maine IL Marijuana Cultivation / Possession Regulations

Patients or their assigned parental figures may not have more than 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana and may develop close to six cannabis plants, of which close to three may be develop. Those patients observed to be in control of more prominent sums are permitted a “basic safeguard” to a charge of marijuana ownership. Simply click a comparing connection to discover more about Maine’s medical marijuana program.

If it’s not too much trouble note: keeping in mind the end goal to turn into a legitimate medical cannabis quiet you should first have a qualifying condition as sketched out by the bureau of wellbeing administrations and/or division of equity. For a far reaching rundown of Maine’s medicinal marijuana qualifying conditions you can visit our qualifying conditions segment situated on the highest point of our menu under “Lawful States”.

Senate Bill 611 – April 2, 2002

Question 5 – Approved November 3, 2009 by 59% of voters

LD 1062 – June 26, 2013

Maine Medical Marijuana Patient Qualifications

Learn about qualifying for Marijuana in Maine in our authoritative aide of Maine’s cannabis evaluations rules. Explore the medicinal conditions that are authorized under Maine’s medicinal marijuana system, age confinements, criminal conviction limitations, and that’s just the beginning.

Maine Medical Marijuana Laws, Regulations

Explore Maine’s Full Medical Marijuana Laws to increase full particular information of Maine’s accurate legitimate rules about medical marijuana.  Links to the full Maine laws, information for your doctor, friends, & family.  Always consult a lawyer for legal cannabis questions – we recommend that you can ask your lawyer questions about medical marijuana in your city and state.

Maine Medical Marijuana Cards, Evaluations, Recommendations

Learn how to get a Maine Medical Marijuana Card with our manual for Maine’s state medical marijuana ID program. A few states oblige that you get your card before getting your medication, so read here first so that you know Maine’s requirements for obtaining your medical marijuana cards.

Maine Medical Marijuana Information

Check out the facts about Maine Medical Marijuana to help you figure out if cannabis can be right for your, how to get a doctors cannabis evaluations, and your medical marijuana card.  Find local medical marijuana doctors in Maine MN.

Maine Medical Marijuana Qualifications

Learn About the Qualifications for Medicinal Marijuana in Maine

On November 2, 1999, 61% of Maine voters endorsed Question 2, which uproots state-level criminal punishments on the utilization, ownership and development of medicinal marijuana (likewise alluded to as medicinal marijuana, medical marijuana or medicinal cannabis) by patients who have a suggestion from their doctor. The law did not at first set up a state-run quiet registry nor give any rules for dispensaries. On the other hand, Question 5, which was endorsed by 59% of voters on November 3, 2009, sets up a secret patient registry and medicinal marijuana card framework, and licenses not-for-profit associations to give medicinal cannabis to qualified patients.

Explore the full content of the Maine Medical Marijuana Act here



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