Hawaii Medical Marijuana

Hawaii Medical Marijuana Qualifications, Laws, Cards

Senate Bill 862 was sanction by the Hawaii House of Representatives 32-18, and by the Hawaii state Senate by a vote of 13-12. It was marked into law by Governor Ben Cayetano on June 14th 2000.

The legitimate medicinal cannabis project for the state of Hawaii permits lawful medical marijuana patients to get a medical marijuana card from a state licensed doctor, seek a Hawaii state issued therapeutic pot ID card. Responsibility for ID card permits a patient to have and develop medical marijuana according to state rules.

Hawaii Possession and Cultivation Rules / Regulations

Recommended therapeutic cannabis patients in Hawaii are allowed to develop up to seven (7) plants, youthful or developed, and have up to four (4) ounces of dried usable cannabis at any given time. Distribution of marijuana aside from between a caregiver and their patient is entirely restricted, patients or their guardians must home develop their own particular prescription.

Hawaii Medicinal Cannabis Program

We have arranged the accompanying file of medical marijuana data for the condition of Hawaii to serve as a legitimate library to our clients. Feel free to review the data concerning lawful references for Hawaii’s laws and rules with respect to Medical Cannabis in Hawaii.

The Hawaii medicinal maryjane project is remarkable in that it just allows the home development of cannabis and not its general dissemination by means of distributions seen in other state programs. Therefore Hawaii has had a moderately stable therapeutic cannabis system since its going in 2000.
It would be ideal if you note: to turn into a lawful medical marijuana patient you should first have a qualifying medical condition as contained in the Hawaii Medical Marijuana Act. For an exhaustive rundown of Hawaii’s medical marijuana qualifying conditions you can visit our qualifying conditions area situated on the highest point of our menu under “Legitimate States”

Hawaii Marijuana Patient Qualifications

Discover What Patients Qualify for Marijuana in Hawaii in our complete aide of California’s capability rules. Learn more about the medical conditions that are approved under Oregon’s therapeutic cannabis system, age information, criminal conviction limitations, and then some.

Hawaii HI Medical Marijuana Laws

Explore Hawaii’s Full Medical Marijuana Laws to increase full particular information of California’s lawful cannabis rules.

Hawaii HI Medical Marijuana Cards

Discover how to acquire an Hawaii Medical Marijuana Card with our manual for California’s state medical marijuana ID program. Find out how to find a marijuana doctor in various cities in Hawaii for a medical marijuana cards evaluation.



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