Colorado CO Medical Marijuana Qualifications

Medical Marijuana Qualification in Colorado

Who can qualify for Medical Marijuana?

The 20th amendment to the constitution of the state of Colorado was passed in the year 2000 which allows certain patients to use marijuana legally for medicinal purposes. However in order to qualify for medical marijuana in Colorado one needs to have a serious medical condition and then obtain a registry marijuana card commonly known as the cannabis card from the Department of Public Health and Environment. A series of rules have been created by the Colorado Board of Health which has a confidential registration process of patients of medical cannabis and their caregivers with proper ID cards for every patient registered.

How to qualify for medical cannabis?

Read the full text of Amendment 20 here.

  • In order to qualify for medical marijuana in Colorado one needs to be a resident of the state and have a valid residency proof. For people who don’t have a Colorado ID, a passport, a different state ID or any other valid photo identity would suffice.
  • Secondly the patient needs to obtain the medical documents from their physician containing a brief description of the diagnosis.
  • You need to have a written recommendation from a doctor who is licensed in Colorado stating that the use of medical marijuana is beneficial for your health. Your doctor needs to keep a copy of this with himself for processes of verification.
  • Now you can obtain the cannabis card from the Colorado Department of Public Health for $90. The process might take about a month. The application form can be easily downloaded from the internet.

The kinds of diseases / medical conditions which can be treated with cannabis in Colorado

A debilitating medical condition refers to diseases like cancer, glaucoma and HIV. Other than this severe pain, nausea, Cachexia, epilepsy and seizures, chronic muscles spasm and multiple sclerosis are some of the conditions which are recognized as capable of being treated with the use of medical marijuana. You and your doctor are free to petition to include other ailments which might benefit from the administration of cannabis in case your ailment is considered invalid by the Department of Public Health.

Access to medical marijuana

There are many medical cannabis patients who claim to have a valid prescription from their physicians but the fact remains that most of these medical cannabis prescriptions are illegal. This is because cannabis is classified as schedule 1 drug by the federal government. As a result the physicians are not allowed to prescribe cannabis for their patients. Moreover patients cannot just step into a pharmacy and fill a medical cannabis prescription and ask for medical marijuana. Instead there is a special group of medical marijuana doctors who are authorized to give a medical marijuana recommendation to their patients and this is in compliance with the law of the state.

As per as the medical cannabis law in Colorado the patients along with their caregivers are allowed to cultivate their own marijuana for personal use of the patient. Every patient is allowed to possess 2 ounces of cannabis and 6 plants out of which 3 can be mature. Goes without saying, medical cannabis laws in Colorado doesn’t include provisions for distribution or selling of cannabis. Find local Colorado CO medical marijuana doctors.

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