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Colorado Medical Marijuana Cards Information

Use of medical marijuana for treating certain ailments has been an age old practice that requires no introduction. However being a potentially harmful substance, the use of marijuana requires certain legal formalities to be fulfilled that vary from state to state. Like many other US states, the legal and public departments of Colorado too have laid down a standard procedure following which ailing individual can obtain/grow/buy medical marijuana without drawing any penal provisions of the state. Obtaining a Colorado medical marijuana card is certainly the very first step in the process of obtaining medical marijuana for treating serious ailments that can’t be treated alternatively.  Find out more about the marijuana qualifications in Colorado.

Colorado Cannabis Red Cards

A person desirous of obtaining and keeping medical marijuana should make a valid application supported by certain documents in order to get a Colorado registry identification number. Apart from the ailing individual, such application can be made by caregivers who undertake the task of growing and obtaining marijuana in case the patient is unable to do so himself. One needs to follow the below listed procedure in order to obtain a valid Colorado medical marijuana card:

  • Fill out appropriate information in the application forms prescribed by Department of health of Colorado.

New/Renewal Applications and Instructions for patients over age 18

New/Renewal Applications and Instructions for patients under age 18

  • Now send a duly filled copy of aforesaid application along with a copy of identification proof and check/money order of $35 to Colorado department of health and environment, the detailed address of which is stated below:

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, Colorado 80246-1530

It is pertinent for every individual desirous of getting registered as a medical marijuana patient to take note of the fact of the fee that needs to be submitted by him along with application can vary under certain circumstances. The Registry follows a ‘no refund’ policy, so people must be sure of the fee which is required to be paid by them beforehand. In order to make the entire process of obtaining such card viable for all kinds of people, the application fee has been reduced to $35 effective from January 2011 and new forms imbibed with these changes have been made available on the Registry’s official website as well.

A new fee waiver/ fee exemption policy effective from January, 2012 has been introduced by the Registry as well under which the patients desirous of obtaining medical marijuana can submit their income returns along with their application forms. There is a special request form #MMR1010, filing of which is essential in order to obtain such fee waiver. The Registry acknowledges the fact that people having no or extremely low income might not be preparing valid income returns for federal purposes. There is a sure shot way through which such people can obtain a registry license to use medical marijuana and that is by submitting an income tax return reporting 0 or low income, whichever the case may be. An individual having an issue with tax return preparation can even contact one of several volunteer groups in Colorado that prepare tax returns for zero or no income without charging anything. Find local Colorado CO medical marijuana doctors.

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