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Explore the Rules/ Regulations for the Colorado Medical Marijuana Program



COLORADO MEDICAL MARIJUANA is a legalized program which works from States of Colorado and provides best medical facilities to patients from recommended and certified physician. It helps the registered customers with suitable Marijuana purchase options through state issued Colorado Medical Marijuana Red- card.


CANNABIS is also known as Marijuana and is made up of Cannabis plant deliberated to use as a psychotropic drug and medicine. Cannabis can have many cerebral effects which include intense mood, relaxation and increased longing. Potential side effects are feeling of nervousness, blush of eyes and arid mouth.

Qualifications for Medical Marijuana in Colorado

Learn more about how to qualify for medical marijuana in Colorado.  Explore the medical conditions approved with the Colorado medical marijuana program, state id cards and more.


The Colorado medical marijuana patient, who wants to avail facilities of Colorado Medical Marijuana Program, must apply for Medical Marijuana Registry Identification card. One cannot have more than two ounces of a usable form of Marijuana and it is necessary to give application for renewal of this identification card every year to be a active patient of registry. For the patients with no registration of Marijuana cards and who still possess heavy Marijuana than allowed, there are some strict laws and if arrested for Marijuana charges they can argue the “Affirmative defence of Medical necessity”.


It must be noted that to become a registered medical marijuana patient one must fulfill some typical conditions that are listed by Department of health services and/ or Department of justice. To find the definitive guide of Colorado’s qualification guidelines one can visit

House Bill 1284 – June 7, 2010

Senate Bill 109 – June 7, 2010


Colorado’s full medical guide can provide you detailed information about all the laws and regulations. Patient must keep all the updates regarding the changes so that while consulting their physician one can provide complete information about Colorado laws.


To be a registered member & obtain a Colorado Medical Marijuana Card – a patient must:

  • Be a resident of Colorado.
  • Be receiving the treatments for a Qualifying Medical Condition.
  • Be examined regularly by the Doctor with whom the patients have registered partnership.
  • Renewal of Identification card on yearly basis to show a active patient status of Marijuana.

Some states require that patients must bring their Identification card to acquire services and medicines of Colorado, so patient must always ensure all the requirements of Colorado programs to take advantages of the medical facilities.


The complete list of Colorado Medical Marijuana facts will help you to avail the complete information about this program. Find Colorado medical marijuana doctors, learn more about the complete marijuana treatment and Colorado program.


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