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Medical Marijuana Program and Card

To authenticate and make the task of law enforcement agencies simpler, the California Medical Marijuana Program was introduced in the state of California and it’s is to cater for the needs of legal qualified patients and their caregivers. By means of this system, a Medical Marijuana Identification Card is provided which helps the law enforcement agencies to identify the legal and authentic users who need marijuana for medical purposes on directions and recommendations of a qualified physician. However, this card is not essential to avail full protection under California Medical Marijuana Law for the use of the drug.

Obtaining a Medical Marijuana card

  1. Obtain a medical prescription for medical marijuana from your physician.
  2. Complete the Form – Application/Renewal Form 9042. Explore what patients qualifies for medical marijuana in California.
  3. The filled application form is then required to be submitted to your county’s health department along with under mentioned additional documents:

(a)     Photo identification card issued by government.

(b)     County residence proof like rent/mortgage receipt, utility/telephone bill or registration of your motor vehicle.

(c)     Written prescription of your physician prescribing the use of medicinal marijuana.

(d)    Application fee.

Cost of a medical Marijuana Card

The cost of medical marijuana card in each county of California will differ as the Medical Marijuana Card Program which comes under California department of Public Health is administered through the county of each patient’s medical marijuana council where he/she resides, hence, variance in the cost. The present cost of the Medical Marijuana identification Card (MMIC) for Medical patients in the state is approximately $33.00 for each card and for non Medical patients the cost is hiked to approximately $66.00. In addition to this state cost an additional administration fee is also levied by each county. The exact cost of Medical Marijuana Identification Card can be enquired upon by contacting your county program.

Process of Appealing on Rejection of your Medical Marijuana Card

There might be a situation where you may be denied issue of Medical Marijuana Identification card. In such a case, you may file an appeal. The good and important part is that there is no cost or money involved in submitting an appeal. You just have to submit your completely filled Appeal Form directly to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), but, the same has to be done within 30 calendar days from the date you received your denial notice from your county program. You must attach a copy of your application to the Appeal Form and immediately send it to the under mentioned address:-


California Department of Public Health

               County Health services Branch

Medical Marijuana Program

Attention: Appeals

MS 5203

P.O Box 997413

Sacramento, CA 95899-7413

Note:  Always remember to sign and put the date on your Appeals Form. By doing do, you authorize your county program to give all information that they have in your application file to CPDH. After going through all the available information, a decision regarding your appeal will be taken and sent to your county program. All decisions taken by CPDH are final. Your application may be rejected for the under mentioned reasons:

  • Providing incomplete information.
  • Providing false information to county program.
  • Failing to meet the QR for being a qualified patient/caretaker.

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