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Are you ready to use medical marijuana to get relief for your medical condition? SEE A MEDICAL MARIJUANA DOCTOR IN CALIFORNIA, ONLINE! In every intersection in California, apparently, you can find a dispensary that deals with cannabis.

However, you need to visit a California medical weed doctor who runs a professional practice to get approved for a recommendation before you can be able to visit the finest California cannabis establishments.

  • How to Find a Reliable California Medical Marijuana Doctor

It can be difficult when searching for a weed doctor in California who runs a professional practice. For instance, when taking a walk along the Venice Beach boardwalk, you’ll know what I’m referring to in this post. Between the hulking bodybuilders and the $5 palm readings, young guys advertise in green scrubs: “Get Legal in 10 minutes!!”

Without looking deep into the consequences of these no-medical-required shady, “Get Legal Quick” marijuana card shops, keep in mind that the current medical marijuana state can be tricky, so it’s vital that you find qualified personnel to give you a recommendation card.

It’s not only that, these “These Green Doctors” are infamously known for being a notorious bait-and-switch scam. That’s where they lure you with the promise of cheap MMJ card, but you end up paying as much as $250.


CALIFORNIA online 420 evaluations, California medical marijuana cards ONLINE 420 EVALUATIONS ONLINE MEDICAL MARIJUANA DOCTORS CALIFORNIA

If you want the in-person option, ensure you research the 420 evaluations area you intend to visit.

  • Why Do I Need A California Medical Marijuana Card?

With the passage of the Proposition 64, marijuana was made legal for recreational use. However, despite that fact, the most reliable and easiest way for patients to access the cannabis medicine they need is by having a medical marijuana card.

In fact, until the beginning of January 2018, when recreational dispensary licenses will get issued, you can only buy cannabis for medical purposes in California by having your card. That includes the entire California.

With the passing of the Prop 215 in 1996, voters in California made medical marijuana legal. This law granted doctors the leeway to issue “recommendations” to qualify patients for the use of cannabis.

However, due to the Federal governments’ stand that puts marijuana as an illegal (Schedule 1) drug, medical professionals are still not technically able to directly prescribe patients with cannabis.

Marijuana recommendations come in many names, some which are misleading. They include prop 215 card, medical marijuana card, “rec” or cannabis recommendation, or MMID. What in fact you are getting is consent to access the medical marijuana card from a licensed physician.

California dispensaries will only accept California issued recommendation cards, not from other states. States such as Nevada may take medical marijuana cards that are California issued.

California Medical Marijuana Cards Online

CALIFORNIA Online Medical Marijuana Cards Doctors


The rules are that you must be:

  • Over 18 years
  • Have a legitimate and qualifying medical condition
  • Able to present US identification that’s valid

The legal eligibility conditions according to the California Senate Bill 420 are:

  • AIDS
  • Cancer
  • Seizures
  • Chronic Pain
  • Glaucoma
  • Arthritis
  • Insomnia
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

There are many other ailments, illnesses and conditions that are not listed above which can enable you SEE A MEDICAL MARIJUANA DOCTOR IN CALIFORNIA, ONLINE!

  • How to Get Your Med Card


Easy Option: See a 420 DCALIFORNIA online 420 evaluations, California medical marijuana cards ONLINE 420 EVALUATIONS ONLINE MEDICAL MARIJUANA DOCTORS CALIFORNIA ( (6)octor Online

The PureCannMD’s online platform has changed the way medical marijuana patients are getting their recommendations approved, as I briefly mentioned above.

See A Medical Marijuana Doctor In California, ONLINE!

Unlike the Venice boardwalk “get approved quick” scams, PureCannMD makes sure that you’re connected to a medical professional who’s licensed. If you meet the qualifications, all that you will need is a device with an Internet connection to complete the process.  This process can be for new medical cards or for renwal medical cards online.

It strictly observes privacy as compared to physical doctor locations, for example, the one in San Jose or the 420 evaluations in Oakland, which are said to be rather careless with their record-keeping.

You can purchase a medical marijuana card that’s wallet sized to go along with the standard recommendation forms. A medical marijuana card is an extra option. All the dispensaries will need you to come along with your recommendation letter that’s 81/2 times 11 on your first visit.

Once you choose which package you want, you will need to upload a headshot photo of your face that will get printed on your ID card or just a picture of your US identification.

After you fill out the medical paperwork required, for example, selected the cards that you want to buy and uploaded your photo identifications, you will now go to the next step, that’s your medical marijuana evaluation.

The doctor’s assessment is quick as its 5-10 minutes of examination and conversation. It includes a video chat with the physician or a phone call about your medical history, existing conditions and symptoms and how the medical cannabis is an alternative treatment compared to what you are using.

The California Medical Board licenses any doctor who’s associated with PureCannMD. They are friendly, compassionate, have incredible knowledge on cannabis medical applications and how it can get used to treating ailments.

California 420 Evaluations

CALIFORNIA online 420 evaluations, California medical marijuana cards ONLINE 420 EVALUATIONS ONLINE MEDICAL MARIJUANA DOCTORS CALIFORNIA ( (6)

  • After Approval, What Happens?


As soon as the recommendation gets approved by your doctor, you will get a PDF copy that temporary through email, which you can use immediately.

Most medical marijuana California dispensaries will need an official copy on your first visit. For the best results, if you print your temporary copy, call ahead to ask if the clinic will accept you.

You’ll receive a recommendation letter that’s official 3-5 days after the evaluation. That’s in your mail and will be signed by the 420 doctor. It comes with an embossed seal that’s raised which most California Services deliver, and most dispensaries will require. It will be valid for 12 months. If you chose to buy your patient ID, it’ll also come with it.















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