Getting A Bakersfield CA Medical Marijuana Evaluation & Card from A Local Doctor


Getting Medical Marijuana Cards in Bakersfield, CA

There are certain specific conditions that make you eligible for obtaining medical marijuana card in Bakersfield ca; one must apply for this identification card in order to avail trouble free services from various stores. You might feel glad to know that California is one of those popular 17 states where some favourable laws are constructed to provide benefit to patients who need cannabis as prescription for any of their disease. Marijuana has proved its efficiency to control so many serious diseases like Alzheimer, Anorexia, Cancer, AIDS, Migraine, Muscle Spasms, Severe Nausea, Spasticity and many more. If you are suffering from any of these problems and your Bakersfield ca medical marijuana doctors have recommended Marijuana as prescription then it is good to apply for Identification card that make you an authorised patient to buy as well as grow marijuana at your home.

To avail this card, first of all you have to apply for MMIC at health department of the city in which you live; it will take some time for processing as different offices follow different routines and procedures. Access to most of these offices will be available only via appointment so we recommend you to call before you visit these offices in order to have trouble free service for Bakersfield ca medical marijuana evaluations.

Documents required for Medical marijuana Identification card or MMIC:

  • You have to submit one copy of the doctor’s recommendation on which original signature of doctor is printed perfectly. It will help to process you application easily for Bakersfield ca medical marijuana.
  • Submit one photo ID proof that is validated as per government norms, most commonly people use to submit driver’s license, US passport, State ID card, or veteran’s card of administration; all of these are considered valid proofs.
  • You must have a photo that is clicked at county’s program office.
  • Residential proof of the country in which document must show right address of your living place along with postal code. For this physical address verification you can submit health insurance documents, any bank statement, California registration of voter ID, Utility or phone bill or Rent agreement.

One thing is important to note that for availing Bakersfield ca canvmarijuana cards you must have one permanent care giver with you and that particular person must accompany you for application submission also. You have to reach at the county office along with your care giver where your photo will be clicked before issuing primary caregiver’s MMIC. One can obtain the MMIC of patient and care giver even at different time as per conveniences.

Once your application is processed at different offices, you have to wait for a short duration to avail your Identification cannabis cards. This card will contain your unique ID number, date of expiry for this card, name as well as telephone number of specific county program that has approved your application, your photograph, and details of care giver as well as patient will be displayed on their respective cards. After getting this card you can easily buy cannabis from different stores but remember that you have to renew it time to time for continuation of service as per recommendation of your physician.

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