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When it comes to city medical marijuana doctors, Colorado has many places to pick from for quite a few reasons. One, it’s entirely legal within the state now to buy both for both personal use and for medical needs. This was put into place in Amendment 20, which was put in action in 2001. It helped remove all criminal level penalties for possessing and growing cannabis, so long as you had a medical card. This is still the case, although you can pick up some marijuana from vending machines and other locations without a medical card following the changes at the end of 2013.

If you require a significant amount of marijuana for your health and you think you would qualify, you can ask for a city marijuana card. You will need to go through an evaluation with a medical professional, but thankfully there are lots of places to go to get through this evaluation. You can even get a dual licensing mechanism which regulates both cannabis usage and opening a cannabis facility!

Finding a doctor for recommendations, cannabis cards and even getting help with finding your purchases of marijuana is very important. Here are some of the most reputable and easy to access Colorado marijuana facilities;

OMM Alternative

Based on Galley Road, this is a popular marijuana prescription clinic that can both evaluate, improve and provide you with a state marijuana card. If you are looking to get to the Colorado Springs clinic, it’s very easy to find. It’s very near Stratmoor, and the staff are welcoming and engaging individuals.

Sunshine Health

Sunshine Health give you all the tools, information and advice that you need to get a city cannabis card. They give you evaluations, assistance and knowledge about what you should be looking for and ideally how much marijuana you should be using. It’s very near the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Healthy Choices Unlimited

If you require city marijuana cards, then you can find help at the Healthy Choices Unlimited clinic. Based in Frisco, it’s very easy to get to and the staff are very open and friendly. Not only can they give you a detailed analysis of what you need and what you provide, but also provide you with a city cannabis card should you require one. The reasons for taking up medical marijuana are varied and the people here are very understanding, giving you a significant amount of support in getting the help you need.

In Harmony Wellness

The Sterling Medical Group provides a variety of people within the Yakima area quality medical marijuana assistance, consultation and expert opinion. With marijuana evaluations also available, patients can get the type of assistance that they expect from a quality team of medical professionals who fully understand the needs of their clients. Whether it’s a medical marijuana card that you need or a prescription, it’s all easily available through the Sterling Medical Group in Yakima.

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