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Local Medical Marijuana Cards Doctors in Washington State

On the 3rd of November 1998, those in charge at the time of Washington passed the Initiative Measure N. 692. This massively changed the way that cannabis was looked upon, treated and prosecuted within the state. Now legal to be used in conjunction with medical needs so long as you held one of the state marijuana cards, it allowed patients to utilize, possess and even grow cannabis so long as they held this card, which had to be recommended by a licensed doctor in the state.

With these changes, health problems in Washington have changed completely with many debilitating health conditions without a cure made far less intrusive and difficult to live with than without medical marijuana. There are many places to visit for health advice and to get legal supplies of medical marijuana for your ills, so long as you have a city marijuana card, and finding the one most adjacent to you as well as the most reliable is absolutely vital. When you suffer from chronic pain or illness, the last thing you want to be doing is travelling across State to find a good supplier for your medical needs!

So where are the best places to visit in Washington for a marijuana card? What are the most reliable doctors with the best priced and highest quality supplies that never seem to run out?

New Beginnings Wellness CenterLongview, Aberdeen, or Tumwater

Based in Aberdeen, the New Beginnings Wellness is a very open and friendly medical marijuana clinic that is well worth checking out if you live in the Aberdeen, Tumwater, or Longview WA areas. They provide local marijuana doctors who can evaluate your needs, provide you with a card if you are eligible and also give you prescriptions for the treatment that you require.

North-West Medical Clinic Yakima WA Medical Marjuana Cards

Based in Yakima, quite close to the Union Gap, this is a commonly used medical clinic which is perfect for getting to due to its close proximity to easy to access roads. You can get medical evaluations and cards from here if you need one, so be sure to check this centre out if you stay within the area. You can get everything you need here at the North-West Medical Clinic.

WAMM Health & Wellness Enumclaw Washington

Based in Enumclaw, Black Diamond, this is a local state medical clinic that provides treatments as well as recommendations, assessments and city cannabis cards. It’s in an easy to get to location within Enumclaw and deals with various different patients every year who need assistance with medical marijuana needs.

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