The Exponential Growth of the Cannabis Industry in the U.S

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One of the fastest growing industries in the US is the growing and selling legal cannabis extracts. Over 23,000 studies have documented the benefits of medical marijuana in treating certain medical conditions ranging from PTSD to cancer-related symptoms.

There is a lot of scientific evidence and research that supports the cannabis use. The public opinion goes a step forward in giving medical marijuana the reputation it deserves as the ultimate solution to public health.

Medical cannabis is legal in 29 states in the U.S. However; other states have not legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Others have limited the use of non-psychoactive CBD.

The various forms of cannabis sales extracts include:

l Concentrates (vape and dab)

l Infused Edibles

l Infused Beverages

l Infused topicals

Why Cannabis Extract Sales Are Skyrocketing

If you obtained a license to produce legal cannabis in 2004, you are reaping the benefits and making a killing. Statistics shows that the sale of cannabis extracts have skyrocketed by over $140 million in the last two years. Since the use of medical marijuana was legalized, over $3.4 million sales were recorded in the first month.

Here are some of the reasons:

l The use and applications of CBD oils and extracts continues to rise among the consumers

l Cannabis producing companies are adopting proper production techniques which improve quality of the cannabis-related products

l  29 states have legalized the use of medical cannabis

Online Medical Cards

Before you can legally purchase or use cannabis in the U.S, you should be ready to show your medical marijuana card. How can one get an online medical card in the U.S? Do you need one? You probably have seen or heard your friends talking about the benefits of having the card, but you are not sure how to get yours.

Following the legalization of access to medical cannabis, doctors can recommend marijuana use to the patients. However, the doctors are not “legally” allowed to give prescriptions in states where the federal law considers it illegal.

In California, a recommendation letter (8.5” by 11” sheet) is allowed in the marijuana dispensaries. The letter should have the name, patient’s ID, date of validity, and the doctor’s signature. The patient is required to register once at the dispensary and will receive a wallet-sized ID which is valid till the recommendation expires. The card must be renewed annually.

How to get California Medical Marijuana Card or Recommendation?

First, visit your primary physician for an evaluation and request for a recommendation. Secondly, undergo an evaluation from a medical marijuana doctor or MMJ and get your recommendation. Sadly, dealing with 420 doctors is hectic and time-consuming, and the recommendation lies with the discretion of the referring doctor.

Online Medical Marijuana Evaluation

Have you heard about the online medical marijuana evaluation? It is a purely online process that takes 5-15 minutes. Sign up and fill a standard form for online medical cards, have a video chat with a licensed doctor, and get your recommendations and card on the same day. If your recommendations are approved, you will receive the recommendation letter via email which you print and present in the dispensary.


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