Difference Between Hemp Derived and Cannabis Derived CBD

cbd vs hemp oils


CBD Doesn’t Change


There is a great deal of misinformation related to CBD, particularly in terms of whether or not it matters if it’s cannabis derived or hemp derived. Some people think that CBD will be completely different if it comes from hemp, and other people think that it has to come from cannabis in order to even count in the first place.

It should be noted that CBD itself is the same. The chemical structure of CBD from hemp is the same as the chemical structure of CBD derived from cannabis. In that way, people don’t have to worry, and they would be getting the same product one way or another. It is true that CBD oil that is derived from hemp and CBD oil that is derived from cannabis will be different in practice. However, this is not due to the CBD oil itself, which is an important distinction.


Hemp and Cannabis


The main difference between hemp and cannabis with regards to CBD is the concentration. Hemp famously has a very low concentration of almost everything that people want to get from marijuana. Hemp contains around 3.5 percent CBD. It famously has a very low concentration of THC at less than one percent. Cannabis has a much higher concentration of both CBD and THC.

People don’t need all that much cannabis in order to get a large amount of CBD oil. This is not the case with hemp. People will need very large quantities of hemp in order to get any real and usable CBD oil at all, and this can have a huge effect on how the hemp will need to be processed and almost anything else related to the product. This is not something that people have to worry about when it comes to cannabis. It’s relatively easy to get CBD oil from cannabis, and certainly easy to get the THC that people need.


Safer CBD Oil


Ultimately, given the manner in which CBD oil is extracted in the first place, the CBD oil that’s derived from cannabis is going to be safer than the CBD oil that is derived from hemp in many cases. It is technically the exact same chemical one way or another, so this is not a function of the CBD itself. However, people can’t look at the CBD oil in isolation. They have to pay attention to the other chemicals that might be present in the hemp or cannabis, which could contaminate the CBD oil that people are using.

Some people will use solvents in order to extract the CBD oil from hemp. There’s so little CBD in hemp that this can sometimes be an important part of the process for the people who are relying on hemp for CBD. In many cases, people won’t even try to get THC from hemp in this manner, because the concentration of THC really is very low.

Getting CBD oil from hemp using solvents has a lot of negative consequences. Some of these solvents are toxic. Given the number of people who use CBD oil for purely medicinal reasons, it’s important to avoid making the substance needlessly risky for people to use.

Industrial hemp is better at absorbing the toxins from soil than many other plants, which is important for people to keep in mind. Therefore, the CBD oil derived from hemp is more likely to be toxic than the CBD oil that is derived from cannabis in the first place. As such, it still matters if people get their CBD oil from hemp or cannabis. The medical marijuana CBD oil is the same, but it might come with a lot of unintentional additional ingredients.

There’s also the fact that CBD oil works very well alongside THC, and not as well by itself. This is one of the reasons why people specifically use cannabis in the first place and why hemp is usually regarded as being less useful for the people who are trying to get any kind of a reaction from marijuana. Cannabis has a lot more THC than hemp ever will, even leaving aside all of the issues connected to the manner in which CBD oil is derived. Cannabis still works better when it comes to CBD oil and everything else.

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