Cannabis RX – Legalized Marijuana by the Numbers

Within last few years, marijuana is gaining huge popularity for many medical treatments and now it is turning towards an authorised medicine for cure of many health issues at various states of America. In US marijuana industry is considered to be one of the most rapidly growing industries that also provide various career opportunities to residents.

Although marijuana supplies are kept under control by various governmental policies; but now people are demanding legalization of marijuana in all states of America so that patients can buy this medicine easily. With some recent changes in scenario now some positive response is being observed in support of most popular weed of America. With some relaxation in laws now marijuana industries are rising continuously to meet the requirement of consumers in US.

Here you can avail some information about its status in numbers:

Washington D.C. and 23 other states have recognised medical marijuana in legal terms. This list of states includes all those locations where actual access to usage of medical marijuana is very limited but it does not incorporates states such as Louisiana where although medical marijuana is accepted by law but still the rules are unworkable and patients find lots of difficulties for this treatment. Other than this, there are 10 more states at US where marijuana laws are expected to be passed this year so that patients can have easy access to medicines.

Only one state of US has recently passed the pot legislation laws; it is Texas and now people are finding easy opportunities for marijuana based treatments. According to law, patients can avail medical marijuana treatment only if they have undergone two customary treatments with certified doctors and this marijuana is approved by both. But the major drawback of this policy of Texas is that some drug enforcement agencies never allow unlicensed doctors to prescribe marijuana treatment without their personalized licence.

Illinois is popular for its lenient laws where 40 percent patients can take benefit of medical marijuana; the major diseases that need marijuana treatment are HIV, Alzheimer agitation, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and severe fibromyalgia. According to details of New England Journal of Medical studies that were complied in 2013, about 76 percent of Americans are supporting medical marijuana for treatment of various diseases whereas according to analysis of year 2014 approximately 55 percent Americans are supporting marijuana as beneficial medical treatment that must be legalised.

Marijuana possesses about 400 chemicals out of which 61 are unique for cannabis plant. The most active element of Marijuana is THC but according to recent research of many scientists Cannabidiol is having more beneficial properties for medical treatments using marijuana. As per death ratio study of last year, a drop of about 25 percent is observed in overdose cases related to pain killers at legalised marijuana states. In 2014 approximately 1.5 million patients were able to buy marijuana from dispensaries for their treatments; whereas at California that is considered as biggest market for marijuana total sales of $1.3 billion were observed last year. The approximated value of legalised market of marijuana is counted up to $2.7 billion with a rise of 74 percent in last year; this weed is growing rapidly in US after legalisation.

As per ArcView predictions with this legal growth in cannabis industry; a total profit of $11 billion is assumed for year 2019. In completely legalised America, the estimated sales from marijuana industry can grow up to $36.8 billion.

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