Cannabis Products by and for Women Makes for an Awesome Combination


Marijuana has been in the headlines for a couple of reasons. Some people use it for recreation while some use it as medical marijuana and women now use it for several other purposes. Some of the products by women for women are:

  • Earrings that have a diamond pot leaf
  • Vaporizers with studs
  • Italian leather handbags that is odor-proof

People are coming up with new and incredible ways to use this drug. Among these people is Jeanine Moss, who is a Venice native and the co-founder of Anna Bis luxury purses.

Jeanine Moss is one of the many women who are setting their eyes on one of the fastest growing markets in America. The said market could substantially increase in California if the voters there approve the use of recreational marijuana. According to research conducted in 2015, more than 20 million American women who earn at least 75,000 dollars annually have sampled marijuana.

According to Moss, 2016 is the year of the cannabis consumer who lives upscale. She says that despite it being underserved at one point, it has now become the target of several businesses that are being set up all around Los Angeles.

An example is given of Jacquie Aiche’s diamond studs, which go for about 440 dollars and have even been featured on the Instagram feed of the famous musician known as Rihanna. The studs have since become popular because more customers are coming out green.


In the cannabis industry, women hold 36 percent of all the executive positions. That figure compared to 22 percent of all the other US businesses. The survey conducted by Marijuana Business Daily also found out that 63 percent of all the executives in marijuana testing labs were women. Up to 48 percent of those involved in the manufacturing of products infused with or refined from cannabis also belonged to the same gender.


Lisa Sweeney says that in Los Angeles, the women who are getting into the business are mainstream. She claims that wellness products made from marijuana send out a positive message that indeed it has a medicinal and wellness purpose.


In 1933, Pauline Sabin who was the heir to the Morton Salt contributed to the repealing of the prohibition of alcohol. By using her social status, celebrity connections and wealth, Sabin was able to lead a group of female activists. After earning about this, Cheryl Shuman, who is both a marketing expert and media personality, desired to do the same but with cannabis.


Shuman says that when people hear about marijuana, they picture a bunch of weed placed in an airtight bag. The chairperson of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and Moms for Marijuana, therefore, claims that this is just a simple rebranding campaign. If the packaging is done with 14-karat gold leaves, porcelain, or crystal, it shows the high-end society the beauty that is cannabis.

Methods in which cannabis is promoted

The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club promotes cannabis through;

  • Cannabis tastings, which are very similar to wine tastings
  • Marijuana yoga retreats
  • Speakeasy-style parties that is secret
  • Cosmetic products made from cannabis
  • A green cannabis juicing line

Cheryl says that it is her normalizing approach, which gives people the courage to step out of the closet and talk about their consumption of marijuana

You can grab the attention of individuals by decorating a vaporizer with a ruby or 14-karat gold. People will ask you what it is and by doing so, they set the stage for the conversation.

The founder of Apothecarry, Whitney Beatty says entire groups of people were using marijuana but did not feel at home. They had this feeling because the industry did not reflect what their needs were or how their lives as attorneys, doctors, executives, and mothers were lived.

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