Cannabis-O-Coffee Heats up the Cannabis Market by Introducing Marijuana-Infused Single-Serve Coffee, Tea and Cocoa


Cannabis-O-Coffee Brings Marijuana Coffee, Tea, & Cocoa for Cannabis Patients

Cannabis-O-Coffee plans to turn into country’s first national cannabis and CBD-mixed single-serve espresso line highlighting espresso, tea and cocoa.

Today, Equvest LLC, a California-based drink organization, declares the dispatch of Cannabis-O-Coffee, a product offering of cannabis-implanted refreshments comprising of single-serve espresso, tea and cocoa, for various state conveyance. Intended for new and experienced cannabis clients, the Cannabis-O-Coffee product offering comprises of two variations for cannabis imbuement; one mixed with cannabis plant-extricated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) oil, while the other is implanted with non-psychotropic cannabidiol (CBD) got from agrarian based Hemp Oil.

With an end goal to make the first national medicinal and recreational buyer agreeable cannabis and CBD-imbued espresso, tea and cocoa brand, Cannabis-O-Coffee has built up consistency gauges in its dosage rate offerings: 10mg, 50mg, and 100mg for every glass servings of THC-mixed drinks, and 10mg for each CBD-mixed item.

While the THC-based item may be accessible in states where medicinal or recreational cannabis laws have been set up, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers hemp-based CBD a “nourishment based” item and will be accessible across the country. Numerous CBD clients case to get medical help without encountering the “high” impact that is ordinarily connected with cannabis utilization.

Cannabis-O-Coffee will be delivered and dispersed in every state through deliberately checked state consistent authorized accomplices. Accomplices who sign a marked generation authorizing understanding can successfully be operational inside of 30 days. Through a turnkey creation process and using condition of-craftsmanship generation offices and a patent pending clinical definition, Cannabis-O-Coffee-authorized administrators have the capacity to deliver and disperse reliable, quality controlled refreshments. Every Cannabis-O-Coffee single-serve item is separately wrapped and bundled to guarantee security and additionally quality and freshness.

“We trust that one of the fundamental difficulties confronting the cannabis business is an absence of consistency. On the off chance that patients and customers don’t believe the brands they are acquiring, it will have an immediate effect on the foundations administering or offering cannabis and CBD items,” says Cass Riese, Vice President of Marketing at Equvest. “Our Cannabis-O-Coffee accomplices look to build up consistency. From bundling and item quality to taste and impact, the purchaser must realize what they are obtaining and be glad last marked item.”

About Equvest, LLC.:

Equvest, LLC, a creative Alternative Medicine organization, through its working backup Cannabis-O-Coffee, licenses scholarly properties for the generation of THC and CBD mixed items focusing on the extending medical and recreational retail showcases. As a feature of an exhaustive technique to invigorate a quick venture into the developing commercial center for medical and recreationally legitimate cannabis, Cannabis-O-Coffee is additionally guiding a few cannabis based medical and purchaser items through it’s authorizing system with administration offerings, for example, their marked line of THC items, Cannabis-O-Tea and Cannabis-O-Coco and their CBD line of Cannabis-O-Coffee and Cannabis-O-Tea. The organization has speculative permit assentions for creation in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington and wanting to include 5 more in the third and fourth quarters of 2015. Cannabis O Coffee likewise hopes to add extra items to its line by the start of Q4 2015. For more data please visit

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