Medical Marijuana Doctor Reviews: Canna Centers Santa Clara / San Jose CA Medical Marijuana Clinic

Canna Centers Santa Clara / San Jose CA Medical Marijuana Cards Doctors

Local Santa Clara / San Jose medical marijuana doctors Canna Centers helps evaluate multiple patients for medical marijuana cards. Located in the Northern California area, Canna Centers is a licensed marijuana evaluations clinic that sees local patients for cannabis evaluations and marijuana cards.

Canna Centers was established to perform evaluations for patients seeking to obtain legal California medical marijuana cards.

Santa Clara / San Jose CA Medical Marijuana Cards

Canna Centers is a California-based licensed medical cannabis evaluations center with the primary goal of performing patient histories, physical exams, and evaluations to determine if patients are qualified to utilize medical marijuana for their health issues. This Santa Clara/ San Jose cannabis cards doctor’s clinic proudly serves as one of Santa Clara/ San Jose’s most compassionate and legitimate alternative healthcare clinics. In closely abiding by the California Compassionate Act, Canna Centers provides compassionate licensed medical doctors to perform cannabis evaluations.

Located in the Northern CA area of Santa Clara/ San Jose, Canna Centers is a practice that has been dedicated to servicing the local Santa Clara/San Jose, Oakland, Lawndale, and Corona patients with debilitating conditions. As one of California’s most reputable clinics, Canna Centers is primarily recognized for its ability to provide high quality, compassionate evaluations, answer questions, and provide education regarding the uses and methods of use for cannabis.

Canna Centers Santa Clara/San Jose

100 N Winchester Blvd Suite #230 Santa Clara, CA 95050

(855) 411-4420


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