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California Medical Marijuana Laws

California became the first state in America to have passed a law that aimed to protect Medical Marijuana patients and primary care givers in the year 1996. Under this act, the patients and caregivers were permitted to legally use, grow and possess Medical marijuana that helped curing certain chronic diseases. Though a great step to protect the patients who tend to use and possess Medical marijuana, the act of 1996 wasn’t comprehensive and complete in all regards. This is the reason why State of California passed Medical Marijuana Program Act in the year 2003 that established strict provisions on distribution, usage and issuance of California medical marijuana cards.

Qualifying conditions and possession limits for Medical Marijuana Cards

Unlike other states of United States that have legalized the use of Marijuana for medical purposes, California doesn’t impose any restriction on the quantity of Medical Marijuana that a qualified patient can possess. This law makes it completely legal for a qualified patient and registered caregivers to cultivate and possess any quantity of California Medical Marijuana, in case they have valid recommendation of California Medical Marijuana doctors. Though initially there wasn’t any restriction on the quantity of cannabis that can be possessed by a qualified patient, the law now tends to protect patients and caregivers who are in possession of less than 8 ounces medical marijuana. Also, such quantity of marijuana needs to be obtained with the help of valid medical marijuana prescriptions only.

It is pertinent to know that a qualifying patient as per the Medical Marijuana law of California would be a person suffering from diseases or symptoms of diseases such as cancer, Epilepsy, migraine, multiple sclerosis, cachexia, arthritis, HIV or any other disease in which the medical use of Marijuana is deemed fit by a qualified doctor practicing in Marijuana clinics.

Evaluations for California Medical Marijuana cards

The Compassionate Use Act, 1996 i.e. the act aimed to ease out on the use of Medical marijuana by qualified patients and caregivers has led to the establishment of a Medical registry that issues California medical marijuana cards to patients. All patients who’ve been diagnosed with qualifying diseases need to get themselves registered if they have been prescribed to use Medical Marijuana by their physician. Such ID cards give legal protection to all patients and caregivers who possess not more than 8 ounces of cannabis or are cultivating not more than 6 mature or 12 immature plants of Marijuana.

Marijuana dispensaries and Marijuana clinics

Though the Compassionate Use Act, 1996 doesn’t provide for establishment of state licensed marijuana dispensaries for processing and distributing medical marijuana, several state municipalities regulate such dispensaries in order to regularize and control cultivation and possession of medical marijuana by qualified patients. There are a number of marijuana clinics in the state of California that are qualified to issue cannabis evaluation and qualification for Marijuana cards such as Valley 420 Evaluations, Fresno California. In case you haven’t been able to find a qualified physician or clinic that is licensed to deal in the cases of Medical Marijuana, do try out the most extensive marijuana doctor’s directory at using which you can surely get in touch with the best Marijuana doctor in California.

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