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Getting good feedback for your medicinal cannabis office is very rewarding, both emotionally and financially.  We all know that ‘Word-Of-Mouth’ is the best advertisement any physician’s clinic can hope for. is a great way to let the all medical marijuana patients, new and returning, how good of a doctors’ practice you maintain.

Testimonials about your marijuana clinic are good, yes, but when you really think about it, what doctor’s office in their right mind would publish a negative comment on their company website? When you read other website testimonials, do you wonder if you’re only getting half of the story? This is where we come in – to help people find compliments and testimonials about businesses that they can trust.

What is: This is a website that allows users to find, visit, and review a legal marijuana doctors’ clinic. The possibilities are endless. Patients can easily find you, write a review, and redeem any deals via the website.

Why is important: This website is growing more popular with every second. With an increasing amount of visitors each month, doctors get great local exposure. With increasing use of online technology and social media, it is important to have a diverse online presence including social media accounts, and free online directories.
Why is successful: The social aspect of is, in my opinion, the key to the website’s success. All reviews are congregated to the users, which makes it easy for patients to “judge” reviewers and decide if their opinions and perspectives are in keeping with their own. Patients that find a reviewer who leaves good reviews, they are very likely to follow their advice and recommendations.

How your clinic can benefit from Believe it or not, the website gives you the chance to list your business for free for a limited time. Since so many people are using this website to find businesses, this is a great source of targeted advertising. Not only will patients find you, but positive reviews about your business that are left on can send a lot of patients your way.  As a clinic owner, you can publically respond to all reviews left by your patients.  You can also drive more patient traffic with deals, check in offers, and article marketing.

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For Patients was created to bring together patients and local medical marijuana doctors quickly and easily. Our easy to use search engine allows the patient to quickly retrieve a list of medical marijuana doctors and cards in their geographic area. Also look for medical marijuana doctor deals in your local area!

For Doctors member doctors have access to our "Doctor's Office" portal where we provide resources and additional features that the medical marijuana community will find useful - interact with patients, respond to reviews, list daily deals, weekly coupons, or special occasion deals. Grow your office with mobile web apps - increase foot traffic, increase patient loyalty, grow your database of clients, increase your revenues, and market to patients like never before!

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