Back Sprains & Medical Marijuana



What is a back sprain?

A back sprain is usually caused by straining your back muscles suddenly through means such as improper lifting techniques or moving suddenly when lifting heavy objects. This is easily preventable via proper back muscle motion, yet people often have to resort to visiting a chiropractor due to how frequently they allow themselves to fall victim to back sprains. This malady is extremely uncomfortable and the kinds of actions that cause back sprain often lead to more serious issues like torn ligaments, tendons and even muscles. While they can heal, it take time – similar to any other muscle sprain throughout your body. However, back sprain pain is often worsened due to the location of the sprain and the frequency that people often need to use their back muscles for everyday movement.This discomfort is often intensified at night in bed, when a back sprain makes finding a comfortable sleeping position virtually impossible. Thus the lack of sleep and sufficient time with your back in a full resting position to heal makes a back sprain one of the most uncomfortable muscle issues you may ever deal with.

While you should always follow your physician’s recommendations when dealing with back sprains, prescription medication isn’t always the best way to deal with them. The potency of these drugs is the reason most doctors like to only recommend ice, heat and a couple days of rest. However, people who lead busy lifestyles – such as taking care of children or those who can’t afford to take off work – often have no choice but to take some kind of medication to ease their discomfort of their sprain. Some doctors only prescribed over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs while other might suggest more intense medication like Vicodin or Oxycodone. These NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) shouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach, however, as they can often cause nausea or other gastrointestinal issues. They also might not be enough to ease discomfort from more severe back sprains. Even worse, it’s very easy to develop an addiction to the opiate-based painkillers. The types of health problems that can be cause by painkiller addiction are significantly more severe than a back sprain. The heart damage cause by excessive use of painkillers can cause a stroke or heart attack, literally risking death for relief from a minor back sprain. For more severe cases, some doctors might order a back brace or even spinal injections of painkillers – a painful treatment in and of itself. This leads many to believe traditional treatment for back sprains are too risky a prospect to consider.

Medical Marijuana and Back Sprains

With the decriminalization of medical marijuana in many states and even for recreational purposes, a safer (but no less effective) form of pain management treatment is available for those who live these states. Now, the pain-relieving cannabinoids present in medical marijuana are a viable option for those dealing with back sprain pain. Even better, the pain relief from medical marijuana in addition to it’s properties as a potent yet safe sedative often make it the most attractive and effective option available to you. This can help you sleep and aid in back muscle relaxation to encourage a proper resting position, thus helping speed along the healing process

This is even possible for patients with children who still want to set a good moral example while treating their pain management issues. The last thing any parent wants is for their child to catch them inhaling when they’re supposed to be cleaning their room or doing their homework. Also, being under the intoxicating effects of medicinal marijuana may require the need of an additional guardian to watch your child as you rest your back after administering it via traditional methods. There are some to are open to the idea of medical marijuana’s pain-relieving properties yet don’t wish to begin a smoking habit in any form. It would be unfortunate for such patients to either lose out to the benefits of medicinal marijuana use or to engage in acts that might cause them lung damage due to carcinogens.

Back Sprains and Medical Marijuana Treatments

Luckily, there are new methods of administering medical marijuana that don’t include inhalation via smoking a marijuana cigarette. The latest innovation in this area are topical solutions. Many marijuana dispensaries in state where medicinal marijuana has been legalized may carry such solutions or ingredients that you can mix on your own to make such a topical solution. These are neither ingested or inhaled and do not have any psychoactive effects. Thus, you’re able to move around with less pain and still be lucid and alert enough to go about your day and work or attend to children. Similar to products like IcyHot or BenGay, this solution is made by mixing cannabis oil with Aloe Vera or beeswax balm to provide a thick paste excellent for application on the skin.

If you can’t reach the sprained area without additional assistance, you can apply it by rubbing it in and pulling a warm t-shirt over the top so it won’t stain or damage your clothes. Additionally, moving around slowly and carefully around your home without lifting any heavy objects for several days can actually speed up the healing process. Make sure you only ask another adult to help you if you need assistance in reaching the sprained area to apply it. This kind of topical solution is very strong, and even accidental ingestion by children or contact with a child’s skin is not an example of ideal parenting.

If a topical solution or the means to make one on your own are available to you (and you have no desire to inhale medicinal marijuana), there are always edibles (either in the form of candy, chocolate or baked edibles – even gluten-free options) you can always rely on. These can often be slower to take effect and can vary in potency, since the part of the plant used containing THC isn’t uniform or consistent with other edible batches. In these case, there are plenty of water pipes you can resort to to properly gauge your response to medicinal marijuana as you directly administer it without cause significant lung damage.

If you’re having difficulty finding a medical cannabis dispensary or medical marijuana doctor, you most likely live in a state where Medical marijuana hasn’t been legalized for clinical use in your state. You can always refer to to locate the nearest medical marijuana doctor licensed to prescribe medicinal marijuana cards or you can call their toll-free number for a referral to assist you in your search. Remember, back sprains are painful, but traditional narcotic pain medication could kill you.



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