Arizona Medical Marijuana Laws

Explore the Arizona Medical marijuana laws

Arizona is one of those few states in United States of America that has successfully implemented the laws propagating the buying, selling and processing of Marijuana for Medical purposes. It was in the year 2010 when the Arizona Medical marijuana act came into force and this law particularly contains a number of provisions as to the usage, clinics, doctors and cards etc. relating to Medical Marijuana itself.

Possession of Medical Marijuana

The AMMA, 2010 states that any qualifying patient who has been diagnosed by a Marijuana doctor with a qualifying medical condition is permitted to use Marijuana until complete cure of his disease. However, in order to possess Marijuana, he needs to register himself with the Arizona Department of Health services (ADHS) and needs to obtain a valid Arizona Medical marijuana card. There is a specific limit on the quantity of marijuana possessed by patients i.e. any patient cannot possess more than 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana at one time.

Qualifying Conditions for possessing Medical Marijuana

There isn’t an iota of doubt that marijuana is one of those few substances that have extreme effects on one’s physical and mental well-being. Where on one hand, marijuana in medicinal form can help curing a number of diseases; on the other hand its chronic usage can lead to disastrous effects on one’s body. Thus in order to regulate orderly usage of this substance, the Arizona Medical marijuana Law has imposed certain qualifying conditions on people possessing the same, few of which are listed below. Medical Marijuana can be possessed by a person possessing valid marijuana prescriptions issued by qualified Arizona medical marijuana doctors and must be a person suffering from;

  • HIV or AIDS
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cancer, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis
  • Wasting syndrome, Glaucoma, Seizures
  • PTSD
  • Any other disease as deemed fit by the physician for the use of Medical marijuana

Marijuana dispensaries and clinics

Any qualifying patient upon showing of valid medical card and prescription can obtain medical marijuana from state licensed dispensaries. The state licensed marijuana dispensaries are allowed to produce, procure and dispense marijuana to qualifying patients functioning as not-for-profit organizations. In case patients are unable to procure Medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries, they can go on to procure the same from caregivers registered with ADHS.

Undoubtedly, finding qualified and experienced Arizona medical marijuana doctors is a difficult task, after all one need to be sure about the authenticity of the medical services and marijuana provisions before actually visiting a physician. In case you are having a tough time finding out the best marijuana clinics and doctors in your locality, we are here with our doctor’s directory to help you out with the same. There are a number of clinics and qualified doctors in and around Arizona who can help you with quick diagnosis, provide you with valid prescriptions and Arizona medical marijuana cards, few of which are enlisted below for your quick reference:

  • Cannabis certification center, Scottsdale Arizona
  • Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Center, Scottsdale Arizona
  • Arizona Wellness Clinic, Arizona
  • Carol, Gilbert Arizona

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