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Why List On Best Medical Marijuana Cards Doctors?


Why list on Best Medical Marijuana Cards Doctors?



boost_your_business-400x304 Claim your listing, add your services, add a deal, add a check-in offer, get more reviews, more foot traffic, more local buzz, leading to more patients!


business_growth-e1326144545754-300x199 Build awareness for your medical marijuana doctors office with powerful marketing programs that build significant local presence.


RatingsReviewsEncourage your patient engagement with with innovative turn key social media features, mobile app marketing, check-ins and more.

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Reach medical marijuana patients in your local area!  Best Medical Marijuana Cards Doctors is a fast growing doctors directory that markets to medical cannabis patients nearby. List your marijuana doctors clinic now (it takes less than 5 minutes) or read more about us below! Add Your Business Now


This doctors directory site is a comprehensive geo location directory for your targeted audience – our users are your target market – current and new medical marijuana patients that need your medical consultations.

97% of cannabis patients use the internet twice a day

dreamstimefree_7261854Use us to help medical marijuana patients find you: We use the latest and most powerful techniques for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to maximize your online presence, drive traffic, increase engagement, and ultimately get more patients to your office . has high page rank with the major search engines (usually in the top three pages or doctor offices, cannabis cards evaluations keywords) so being a part of this medical marijuana doctors directory will help boost your local presence.

boost-your-businessCost-effective marketing tool: A dedicated page in our high traffic doctor’s directory is often better than your own website to help patients find you. A direct link from Best Medical Marijuana Cards Doctors will help to enhance your online traffic dramatically.

imessageEnhance your online presence:  Best Medical Marijuana Cards Doctors is different to other doctors directories: it groups doctors offices geographically, making it much easier for patients to find nearby clinics, read doctors reviews, and use geo-locations to get directions to the closest cannabis offices, therefore you benefit by being on the top list of searches as a featured listing.

reviewsOur reviews help your business: Make sure you encourage your patients to review your listing – positive reviews will make your listing stand out in search engine results and can also help its position in Google search results.

SEO_Doctor-logoAccess to a dedicated team: Run by an experienced internet marketing expert, the team at Best Medical Marijuana Cards Doctors is dedicated to promoting your business. We keep abreast with all of the most recent Google, Yahoo, and Bing SEO algorithms to ensure that we keep in the top of online searches for your business name or marijuana doctors.

message-already-readDirect Patient Messaging – Respond and engage your patients with our built in system; Reply publicly to reviews, so that patients get to know your clinic more!

iphone1Get Medical Marijuana Cards Doctors mobile web apps and direct access to your powerful and robust marketing platform and potentially hundreds if not thousands of warm, interested patients that you can continually market your medical services.  100% of Your Patients have a mobile device! These apps can be shared across ALL mobile device platforms; you don’t need to upload to iTunes or Android – takes 5 hrs to make AND they’re EASIER THAN FACEBOOK TO MANAGE! Patients can text and/or email your app UNLIMITED times; Share your office location; click to call; patient query forms; directions to your office; any deals or scratch off coupons; go viral with messages via Twitter and Facebook; send messages to your patients and subscribers instantly and easily with our powerful Doctors Marketing System; gain new patients and keep returning patients with referral system and digital punch cards; increase foot traffic with check-in deals…and more!!!  Find out more about Marijuana Cards Doctors Mobile Web Apps (get coupons when you sign up to  

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Diamond Doctor Listing

179.00/ month: Google analytics, Video Code Youtube Connect, Events, Category Max 20, Listing Description(textarea), FREE Social Media Promotion Booster Package, Offer Special Offers/Coupons, Opening Times, Phone Number, Email, Website backlink, Twitter, Facebook, SEO Tag Keywords, SEO HTML Editor, SEO BackLink business, Add Events, FREE SEO Consultation


Gold Doctor Listing

$139.00/ month: Tag Keywords, HTML Editor, Link business, Category Max 10, Listing Description(textarea), Offer Special Offers/Coupons (textarea), Opening Times, Phone Number, Email, Website Backlink, Twitter, Facebook, FREE Consultation/First month FREE with Mobile Web SEO Director


Silver Doctor Listing

$99.00/ month: Category Max 3, Listing Description(textarea), Special Offers(textarea) , Opening Times, Phone Number, Email, Website, Twitter, Facebook.

 Basic: Website link, Map. Number of publish days are 30(59.00 USD)
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For Patients was created to bring together patients and local medical marijuana doctors quickly and easily. Our easy to use search engine allows the patient to quickly retrieve a list of medical marijuana doctors and cards in their geographic area. Also look for medical marijuana doctor deals in your local area!

For Doctors member doctors have access to our "Doctor's Office" portal where we provide resources and additional features that the medical marijuana community will find useful - interact with patients, respond to reviews, list daily deals, weekly coupons, or special occasion deals. Grow your office with mobile web apps - increase foot traffic, increase patient loyalty, grow your database of clients, increase your revenues, and market to patients like never before!

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