Adults And Children With ADD ADHD May Benefit From Medical Marijuana


Medical Marijuana maybe the new cure for ADD. In efforts to find new treatments for Attention Deficit Disorder, some are looking at medical marijuana. Cannabis can be made into natural herbal supplements that possibly may cure ADD/ADHD in adults and children.

ADD/ADHD refers to Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADD is the term used to describe hyperactity, inattentiveness or being overtly impulsive. It is associated with school age children, along with millions of adults globally. The use of medical marijuana could be the next step for many suffering from ADD today.

In children, Attention Deficit Disorder can be helped with medical marijuana. The use of cannabis creates dopamine release in the brain and helps regulate moods. Such alterable moods include anxiety and overthinking patterns.

Some top marijuana strains for ADD / ADHD RomulanNorthern Lights, Master Kush, Blue Cheese

Dopamine is the chemical associated with feelings of reward, because it controls functions within the body relative to sex, sleeping, learning, appetite, emotions and attention span.

The functions of the brain that release dopamine are also symptoms of adult ADD/ADHD. Adults who suffer from ADD are likely to suffer from anxiety, as a main symptom. This is also true of insomnia with ADD/ADHD adults.

Both anxiety and insomnia are treatable with cannabis, since human bodies release the component CBD when marijuana is used. CBD causes a delay in fight or flight receptors in the brain, the same areas that cause paranoia, fear or chronic anxiety.

Treatment of ADD, anxiety and insomnia is made safer by using medical marijuana. This is because most prescription medications for such problems are highly addictive or cause adverse effects, such as diminished appetite and suicidal thinking. Drugs like Adderall for ADD/ADHD sufferers are particularly dangerous to use with children, due to their weaker immunology in contrast with adults.

If used properly, cannabis is proven scientifically to elicit symptoms that are not harmful, making it a safe alternative for ADD patients.  To find a medical marijuana doctor near you, click here.


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