6 Ways to Use Medical Marijuana Without Inhaling

6 ways to use cannabis without inhaling


Marijuana does not have to be smoked or inhaled all the time. Marijuana can be used as an herb for your everyday products. Here are six ways you can use marijuana without inhaling.


Marijuana Butter

Spruce up your butter with a pot. You can easily find a recipe online to teach you how to make this. Beware marijuana butter contains an increased concentration in THC, the chemical that is responsible for marijuana’s high.


Sexual Lubricant

Since marijuana legalization, people are becoming creative with its uses. Women can derive more pleasure from sex using a pot-infused sexual lubricant created by California-based Foria. The spray relaxes like marijuana and makes sex better for women.



Like most herbs, marijuana is used for skincare. Apothecanna’s produces lotion you can use and still pass a drug test with. The lotion may also get you a little high.


Cotton Candy

Kandycare takes pot to the next level by incorporating 55 milligrams in their Phaded Pink and Blazed Blue cotton candy. This is best for people with a high tolerance. It may also be a substitute for medical marijuana.



You can have a real high tea with marijuana in your tea. You can find a recipe online. One pregnant woman uses the tea to help her with morning sickness. She only does this after researching the health ramifications of drinking marijuana while pregnant. This is also a good suggestion for people who need medical marijuana for other illnesses.


Breath Spray

One of the benefits of living in a medical marijuana state is that you can find unique ways to use marijuana. An Oakland, CA company has released a line of breath spray that contains THC. You can get a high and a fresh breath at the same time.


These are just a few ways you can use marijuana without inhaling. Maybe you can experiment and find other ways to use the cannabis.

Patients can obtain a California medical marijuana card online here.

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