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420 Evaluations San JoseSo you’re a San Jose resident looking a 420 evaluation in San Jose and you’d like to get yourself on California’s medical marijuana program. Ask around friends and acquaintances and everybody will have a favorite 420 Evaluations San Jose office. Some patients are looking for 420 evaluations near me San Jose, San Jose online medical cards. This article will tell you all about an easy, confidential and cost effective way of getting San Jose medical cards online. You can be sure of getting a licensed 420 doctor’s recommendation letter and a legitimate medical marijuana card, so you can soon be getting the full benefits of the California cannabis industry.

To obtain cannabis for any purposes under the state of California’s medical marijuana program, you will first need to complete an evaluation and get a licensed doctor to give you a recommendation.

 420 Evaluations San Jose helping Patients Obtain California medical cards Online

This is not a prescription, as marijuana cannot be supplied legally at a federal level. However, it works in a similar way to a doctor writing a prescription to authorize dispensation of a drug that’s not available over the counter. The medical professional officially recommends medical cannabis use for a patient, and the recommendation is in the form of an official transcript used statewide, and accepted by law enforcement and dispensaries across California.


Since the passing of the Medical Use of Marijuana Initiative (Proposition 215) and California Senate Bill 420, patients suffering from chronic illnesses can obtain medical cannabis for treatment of their symptoms, and they can obtain their recommendation from physicians, surgeons and osteopaths.

Get started for 420 Evaluations San Jose

420 evaluations near me san joseIf you choose to start the process by visiting a 420 doctor for your 420 evaluations, San Jose physicians or specialists in medical marijuana will run it the same way as any other regular doctor’s appointment. You’ll sit down and discuss your symptoms face to face with a doctor. From their questions and your answers, the 420 doctor will determine whether marijuana will be able to treat your symptoms. They decide whether they issue you with a recommendation that’s good for access to medical marijuana throughout San Jose and across the state of California.

Recommendation is at the referrer’s discretion, and some regular physicians choose not to recommend marijuana, even to a patient with symptoms and pain that are treatable with it. Many people believe they have a better chance of a successful evaluation by going to a specialized medical marijuana 420 doctor. But these specialists usually charge a premium, on average 60 dollars or more, and the procedure and waiting times can be more time consuming. Some of these specialists even have sketchy reputations and have been known to issue documents that expire quickly or are not legitimate.

San Jose 420 Evaluations Doctors

After you have completed your evaluation and obtained a recommendation from a 420 doctor, you can also register for the state of California’s Medical Marijuana Identification Card program. This is completely voluntary, and registers you to the state Department of Public Health registry. This registration system is convenient, as you get a card with your patient ID number to carry in your wallet, and your credentials are can be searched and validated quickly by dispensaries.


420 evaluations near me san joseHowever, the MMIC is not confidential. Your identification number goes into a public database that’s searchable not only by dispensaries but law enforcement, and anybody could potentially discover you are a registered medical marijuana user, including employers. This registration with the state of California is also expensive, adding additional fees to your registration total.


In addition, the state of California doesn’t issue MMIC cards at all times, so check for current information if you are considering applying to join the MMIC register.

Getting your 420 Evaluations San Jose for medical cards online

You will need a 420 Evaluations San Jose online visits to get the medical card.  You’ll get the same access to dispensaries statewide, and protection from law enforcement, but your details remain confidential, stored away in a secure, private database.


If you google 420 evaluations online San Jose, you’ll be faced with all kinds of patient-doctor dispensaries and storefronts. Unfortunately many of them are going to be scams. They’ll charge upwards of $60 and some will let you down, refuse to issue documents or even issue you with illegitimate paperwork. You’re going to want to avoid them, which is why we recommend our 420 evaluations online San Jose service as one you can trust.

Our online 420 evaluations are easy

, can be completed online without visiting  the 420 doctors clinic office and you could be done in as little as 10 minutes. The evaluation begins with you submitting documents with your medical records to the site, for review. Once that process is completed, you will be connected with a licensed medical marijuana doctor by phone or live video, who will talk through your medical background, history and reasons for seeking out cannabis for medical use. That’s only a brief interview that is complete in 10 minutes or less.


420 evaluations near me san joseMost of our patients are approved, and we mail out a card and recommendation letter to the patient the same day, for a fee of just $49. Your evaluation is absolutely free if you are not approved for MMJ.


Once your favored dispensary has verified your doctor’s letter, it’s likely you’re only going to need your card issued by PureCannMD to purchase medical marijuana. You won’t need to take that large, valuable paper document along with you every time, and your details will be stored confidentially in a secure database.


The most convenient service can offer are just the beginning of our service. From our storefront, our site also offers an information service on all the different cannabis products that are legally available to you. We will help you choose the products that are right for you, and complete your order of them. We have full details of 420 evaluations San Jose online to be able to visit the local dispensaries.

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